19:40 Ticket #11918 (Unknown game variant for Gob) created by Docteur-Jones
The game in 'WEEN\' seems to be an unknown game variant. Please …
09:05 Ticket #11917 (TEENAGENT: French Translation Support Patch) created by legluondunet
Hello, someone has translated Teen Agent in french. I joined you the …
08:53 Ticket #11915 (Wrong link for Ubuntu 20.04 binary) closed by lotharsm
fixed: Thanks, fixed!


20:20 Ticket #11916 (Add detection of Chzo mythos Z-Code adventures) created by FakeShemp
Yahtzee made three Z-Code adventures which tie into the Chzo mythos. …


15:11 Ticket #11893 (Switching to fullscreen and back to windowed mode captures the mouse cursor) closed by ccawley2011


19:16 Ticket #11915 (Wrong link for Ubuntu 20.04 binary) created by orgads
On https://www.scummvm.org/downloads/ The link is …
14:25 Ticket #11914 (STARK: The Longest Journey - czech 4cd release not detected) created by JediKnightCZ
Hello there. Finally managed to get the ScummVm working but after …


22:12 Ticket #11912 (SAGA: ItE - Intro duplicated speech) closed by raziel-
fixed: This is a known problem since years and can be fixed by applying a …


14:41 Ticket #11913 (MOHAWK: MYST: Include the Rime Age from the PSP port of Myst) created by AbandonedWitchStarlight
The PSP port of Myst has the Rime Age from realMyst, since the PSP …
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07:56 Ticket #7843 (KYRA1: Is it possible to add support for fan-made Rus trans?) closed by dgladkov
fixed: I believe author is referring to the fan-made Russian translation that …
00:48 Ticket #11892 (SCI: GK1 - Way too fast beignet vendor) closed by sluicebox
fixed: Fixed in: bda199eac4add95e22a7c24ee074633486a47538 Thanks for …
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