16:39 Ticket #10897 (ZVISION: Assertion fails on locales with decimal comma) created by angstsmurf
See https://forums.scummvm.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=14816#p87015 and …
06:46 Ticket #10896 (SCI: LONGBOW: Day 8 archer pathfinding lockup) created by sluicebox
When the guards kick Robin out of archery room 320 the game locks up …
01:38 Ticket #9952 (SCI: LB2: Can get into the storage room early) closed by dafioram
fixed: Looks like you will have to save your tears for another time as this …


22:16 Ticket #10895 (SCI: LB2: Armor rooms don't display messages) created by sluicebox
The armor exhibit rooms (440 and 448) don't display messages when …
00:58 Ticket #10894 (SCI: LB2: Yvette's desk items disappear during backrub) created by sluicebox
The act 4 back rub scene in Yvette's (room 550) doesn't draw the …


08:44 Ticket #10882 (Custom Textures / Tiles) closed by digitall
04:06 Ticket #10893 (SCI: ECO1: Ocean cliffs are missing (CD version)) created by sluicebox
The ocean cliffs that border rooms 320 and 321 aren't displayed in the …


02:26 Ticket #10891 (GLK: ALAN2: Child murderer and Inner demons games not supported) closed by dreammaster
wontfix: Closing for now as won't fix.
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