22:00 Ticket #10423 (TUCKER: Grey blob (part of a background shadow) visible in front of ego) closed by bonki
fixed: Merged in 7ad8fe46106327b5464235ec0c75d1c770be519e.
13:28 Ticket #10405 (Building on MSYS2/Mingw-w64 currently completely broken) closed by rootfather


19:40 Ticket #10430 (TUCKER: Bud animation glitch in front of museum) created by bonki
When picking up the nail in front of the museum the lower half of …


19:52 Ticket #6639 (TUCKER: Punk sprite freeze, second sprite appears) closed by bonki
fixed: Fixed in commit 8424b0a3014ef2e3c6f36f02259dfb15db99d8b9.
18:50 Ticket #10422 (TUCKER: Subtitles mangled on right edge of screen) closed by bonki
fixed: Fixed in commit 47eda4bcf76252b2c9be2427c897884449073394.


19:31 Ticket #10429 (SCI: SQ1 VGA Russian crashes on start) created by ncuxonaT
Hi! ScummVM 2.1.0git840-g5322606abe (Feb 5 2018 17:52:55) Game: …
06:40 Ticket #10426 (RIVEN: Game crashes in Map Island) closed by bgK
fixed: Thanks for your report, this was fixed in commit 5322606abe.
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