11:38 Ticket #9563 (Alt + enter only works once) created by angstsmurf
This is probably another SDL and not ScummVM issue, but when you press …


18:32 Ticket #9562 (ScummVM GUI Hungarian translation) closed by criezy
fixed: Thank you. This has now been pushed to our repository.
08:17 Ticket #9561 (ADL: hires4 detection failed) closed by waltervn
fixed: Added, thanks.
06:02 Ticket #9562 (ScummVM GUI Hungarian translation) created by goodoldgeorge
ScummVM GUI Hungarian translation 'Last sync time:' translation fixed


10:17 Ticket #9559 (Crash when repeatedly going in and out of full screen on OS X) closed by criezy
duplicate: This is a know issue with SDL 1.2 on recent (and not so recent now) …
09:33 Ticket #9561 (ADL: hires4 detection failed) created by goodoldgeorge
Hi-Res Adventure #4: Ulysses and the Golden Fleece - Atari 8-bit - …
08:28 Ticket #9560 (Hi-Res Adventure 1 Mystery House - corrupt savegames) created by albadross
Windows 64-bit development build 1.9.0git6641-gb93b818 (Sep 15 2016 …
00:01 Ticket #9559 (Crash when repeatedly going in and out of full screen on OS X) created by angstsmurf
If you repeatedly switch between fullscreen and windowed mode by …


23:03 Ticket #9558 (SCI: QFG1VGA: Dagger Range script bug freezes game or reanimates the dead) created by sluicebox
The dagger range has a script bug that can freeze the game or cause …
00:12 Ticket #9555 (Sherlock: Journal problem) closed by dreammaster


07:42 Ticket #9557 (LOL: Unknown German Floppy version) created by goodoldgeorge
ScummVM 1.9.0git20919-g2c10535-dirty (Sep 13 2016 07:56:58) Features …
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