19:14 Changeset [1fcbeda5] by Kostas Nakos <knakos@…>
various assorted things required by the new compiler and codebase …
19:02 Changeset [0c532c2] by Kostas Nakos <knakos@…>
(mainly) adding plugin support svn-id: r29309
18:51 Changeset [065145ef] by Kostas Nakos <knakos@…>
new stuff to support the FS api and fixes for the new compiler …
18:48 Changeset [0e026d2b] by Kostas Nakos <knakos@…>
cleanup after framebuffer api changes svn-id: r29307
18:46 Changeset [887ce76a] by Kostas Nakos <knakos@…>
fix formatting & typo svn-id: r29306
18:40 Changeset [507b60f5] by Kostas Nakos <knakos@…>
entry point for plugin builds svn-id: r29305
18:38 Changeset [e4feebe3] by Kostas Nakos <knakos@…>
announce compiler change \& support for plugins svn-id: r29304
18:36 Changeset [b93cf70] by Kostas Nakos <knakos@…>
Rollup commit to improve & bring the port up to speed. More …
18:09 Changeset [bb8ad040] by Kostas Nakos <knakos@…>
formatting fixes svn-id: r29302
18:04 Changeset [5a77a262] by Kostas Nakos <knakos@…>
drop unneeded define svn-id: r29301
17:59 Changeset [371cc6de] by Kostas Nakos <knakos@…>
make sure our GetCurrentDirectory is used (non existant in ce api) …
17:53 Changeset [1046213] by Kostas Nakos <knakos@…>
unicod-ify syscalls for ce backend svn-id: r29299
17:50 Changeset [b93f6840] by Kostas Nakos <knakos@…>
work around ce's lack of posix errno svn-id: r29298
17:45 Changeset [31b77a4] by Kostas Nakos <knakos@…>
some source formatting fixes svn-id: r29297
17:40 Changeset [0d2d2339] by Vincent Hamm <yazoo@…>
Early implementation of object menu svn-id: r29296
17:07 Changeset [f4f89739] by sev-
Fix compatibility with bash svn-id: r29295
16:57 Changeset [31e0ca4e] by sev-
Print list of skipped engines too. svn-id: r29294
16:29 Changeset [ef23e9b] by sev-
Patch #1814831: "Unify the way to report unknown versions of games" …
16:27 Ticket #8730 (Unify the way to report unknown versions of games) closed by sev-
16:10 Changeset [3b005ab8] by sev-
Fix potential MSVC warning svn-id: r29292
14:41 Changeset [fc961908] by Vincent Hamm <yazoo@…>
Find object fix Walk fix svn-id: r29291
13:57 Changeset [30b11df0] by Max Horn <max@…>
Fix warning & code formatting svn-id: r29290
13:55 Changeset [4630f49f] by Max Horn <max@…>
Patch #1800085: small 'unknown control change byte 32' patch svn-id: …
13:37 Changeset [4556690] by Vincent Hamm <yazoo@…>
Implement cursor by object Fix walk cursor svn-id: r29288
13:34 Changeset [fefc228c] by Johannes Schickel <lordhoto@…>
Cleanup. svn-id: r29287
13:21 Changeset [7860b900] by Vincent Hamm <yazoo@…>
Implement cursors svn-id: r29286
13:19 Ticket #8722 (small "unknown control change byte 32" patch) closed by fingolfin
13:14 Ticket #8734 (make cross-compiling sane out of the box; blackfin support) closed by fingolfin
13:14 Changeset [c664dbcc] by Max Horn <max@…>
Patch #1821100: make cross-compiling sane out of the box; blackfin …
12:57 Changeset [3f95871] by Max Horn <max@…>
Refactored ScummEngine*::checkExecVerbs method svn-id: r29284
12:04 Changeset [61c96353] by sev-
Patch v5.2 from #1752243: "backends lib patches" svn-id: r29283
12:02 Changeset [4073e7f8] by sev-
Proper implementation of ".enabled" theme widget property. svn-id: r29282
11:34 Changeset [48f7c470] by sev-
Oops. Sync with --help output. svn-id: r29281
11:27 Changeset [ddb39090] by sev-
Implement FR #1775044: "set extrapath from commandline" svn-id: r29280
11:26 Ticket #7588 (set extrapath from commandline) closed by sev-
04:42 Changeset [00e9ed5] by Filippos Karapetis <bluegr@…>
The palette of the boss screen (F9 key) in IHNM is set correctly now …
04:28 Changeset [e4125a03] by dreammaster
Current room is now correctly refreshed after showing credits svn-id: …
04:27 Changeset [cb302b24] by dreammaster
Room fades now correctly fade out any active talk dialog svn-id: r29277
04:23 Changeset [3dd40b39] by Filippos Karapetis <bluegr@…>
Fixed typo svn-id: r29276
04:16 Changeset [7e4ebb9] by Filippos Karapetis <bluegr@…>
Cleanup svn-id: r29275
04:14 Changeset [fc856850] by Filippos Karapetis <bluegr@…>
Cleanup svn-id: r29274
04:12 Changeset [59f2a90a] by Filippos Karapetis <bluegr@…>
Cleanup of the engine detection code. Possibly fixes bug #1804403 - …
03:34 Changeset [641ff5e9] by dreammaster
Sound is now paused when displaying menu dialogs svn-id: r29272
03:32 Changeset [5f1ef918] by dreammaster
Added storing of playing sounds to savegame (note: only sounds flagged …


21:56 Ticket #3436 (NIPPON: Crash when quitting while in intro/inbetween (Amiga)) closed by peres
21:32 Ticket #3346 (NIPPON: Assertion with Donna (Amiga) SPOILER) closed by peres
21:29 Changeset [9d14d74e] by Nicola Mettifogo <peres@…>
Temporarily force quits when user presses exit key combination. A TODO …
18:51 Ticket #7595 (MT-32 emulation: Support more ROMs) closed by fingolfin
18:51 Changeset [9998620] by Max Horn <max@…>
Added support for more ROM versions, see FR #1820331 svn-id: r29269
18:23 Changeset [e76bf9c2] by Sven Hesse <drmccoy@…>
Muting GCC warnings svn-id: r29268
18:15 Changeset [cc9b0844] by Vincent Hamm <yazoo@…>
Hooked inputs Cleanup & fix in input management code svn-id: r29267
17:55 Changeset [01e88f1f] by Filippos Karapetis <bluegr@…>
The options panel in IHNM is now shown and functioning correctly when …
16:10 Changeset [102764da] by Vincent Hamm <yazoo@…>
Add fast forward mode svn-id: r29265
11:42 Changeset [b225f01d] by Filippos Karapetis <bluegr@…>
Added a workaround for an incorrect hitzone in IHNM, (Gorrister's …
06:10 Ticket #8734 (make cross-compiling sane out of the box; blackfin support) created by SF/vapier
[…] […]


20:35 Changeset [22c4aa0] by Nicola Mettifogo <peres@…>
Parallaction will now consume all the short-lived jobs in the queue …
13:11 Changeset [1e32d18] by Max Horn <max@…>
Updated credits file (hint: use 'make credits' in a full checkout of …
12:39 Changeset [c22e823f] by Vincent Hamm <yazoo@…>
svn-id: r29259


23:08 Ticket #7595 (MT-32 emulation: Support more ROMs) created by SF/denizoezmen
[…] […]
10:40 Changeset [a48d2d3f] by dreammaster
Talk dialogs can now only be closed early if it's the player talking, …
10:39 Changeset [864ed910] by dreammaster
Bugfix to make sound toggle work correctly, and added flag state to …
10:37 Changeset [c0f2856] by dreammaster
Added saving of NPC direction, and bugfix for closing talk dialogs …


10:16 Changeset [c9d06136] by dreammaster
Removed unused field svn-id: r29255
10:09 Changeset [547716a0] by dreammaster
Added a talkerId field to hotspots to better handle characters being …
10:07 Changeset [a0fce0c5] by dreammaster
Fixed MinGW compilation warning svn-id: r29253
10:04 Changeset [9a1b13e9] by dreammaster
Changed startSpeakingToNoone to pause the speaking character svn-id: …
10:03 Changeset [5635256f] by dreammaster
Implemented gradual display of text in talk dialogs svn-id: r29251
10:01 Changeset [6faff895] by dreammaster
Changed text speed flag, and added saving of it to savegames svn-id: …
09:39 Changeset [ff92f776] by dreammaster
Added missing tickmarks from Slow/Fast text speed menu items svn-id: …
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