15:15 Changeset [c4aa4fe] by Johannes Schickel <lordhoto@…>
Fixed a little graphics glitch, where sometimes parts of the interface …
13:51 Changeset [e3f1a1ce] by Johannes Schickel <lordhoto@…>
Yet again another update for Italian CD fan translation. svn-id: r28927
13:05 Ticket #3404 (LOOM/FLAC: Pauses (temporary lockups) after speech) created
[…] […]
12:42 Changeset [390066d0] by Filippos Karapetis <bluegr@…>
Save games from the character selection screen are loaded correctly …
12:16 Changeset [80386fbb] by Max Horn <max@…>
Turn off unused code (fixing a compiler warning) svn-id: r28925
11:37 Changeset [9778bec] by sev-
Fix bug when some animations were playing too fast. svn-id: r28924
11:08 Changeset [dfde70d2] by sev-
Fix warning svn-id: r28923
09:26 Changeset [04c323a1] by Nicola Mettifogo <peres@…>
Split code from parseZoneTypeBlock in specialized parser functions. …
08:43 Changeset [c37de013] by Nicola Mettifogo <peres@…>
Revised debug levels and added many debug strings for parsers. …
08:03 Changeset [e4c51dfe] by dreammaster
Fix to make characters face upwards initially, and to stand straight …
04:31 Changeset [0a7a1f4] by dreammaster
Bugfix to prevent actions being paused sometimes svn-id: r28919
04:22 Changeset [990e9a78] by Filippos Karapetis <bluegr@…>
Script modules are now unloaded correctly when changing chapters in …
04:06 Changeset [b2e97060] by dreammaster
Initial sound implementation svn-id: r28917
04:05 Changeset [041bb546] by dreammaster
Bugfix to keep language strings in memory across restarts svn-id: r28916
04:04 Changeset [f1e9fa1] by dreammaster
Tweaked animation frame delay to better match original game svn-id: r28915
04:03 Changeset [a19f337a] by dreammaster
Changed ManagedList to make it more thread safe svn-id: r28914
03:20 Changeset [bd454d0c] by Filippos Karapetis <bluegr@…>
Fixed regression with save games that have an inset and an outset …
01:38 Changeset [ec4503ef] by Filippos Karapetis <bluegr@…>
Don't draw the scene background when actors are disabled svn-id: r28912


16:54 Changeset [0bb109d5] by Filippos Karapetis <bluegr@…>
Stop the intro music after the intro in ITE/IHNM is finished svn-id: …
15:04 Changeset [ac0bae3b] by Filippos Karapetis <bluegr@…>
Updated the SAGA MSVC8 project file for the last commit svn-id: r28909
15:02 Changeset [22ce3aa9] by Filippos Karapetis <bluegr@…>
Slight cleanup of the actor class: moved all of the actor walk code in …
14:53 Changeset [fd6ca3b7] by Johannes Schickel <lordhoto@…>
- added PC-98 platform entry - added Kyrandia 1 PC-98 detection …
12:57 Changeset [e0659805] by Filippos Karapetis <bluegr@…>
The sales info video for the IHNM demo is now shown when quitting the …
12:16 Changeset [c2278444] by Nicola Mettifogo <peres@…>
Fixed BRA parser table for scripts. svn-id: r28905
12:09 Changeset [5fa2b1a3] by Filippos Karapetis <bluegr@…>
Palette fade in when a cutaway starts in IHNM is working now. Also, …
03:08 Changeset [fef707a2] by Filippos Karapetis <bluegr@…>
The right button verb in IHNM will no longer be invalid for some …


14:18 Ticket #8721 (SCUMM: ScummC support) closed by Kirben
14:07 Ticket #8721 (SCUMM: ScummC support) created by SF/albeu
[…] […]
12:49 Changeset [1fa1b649] by Filippos Karapetis <bluegr@…>
Some more opcode simplifications svn-id: r28902
12:42 Changeset [c84ff65] by Filippos Karapetis <bluegr@…>
Removed the RF_PLACARD flag. Also, simplified sfPlaceActor and removed …
05:45 Changeset [5f1232a7] by aquadran
update project file svn-id: r28900


21:28 Ticket #3403 (DOTT: Chron-o-john "rotor" missing (script bug)) created by SF/coeins
[…] […]
17:55 Changeset [9d85371a] by Filippos Karapetis <bluegr@…>
Cleanup and simplification of several of the script opcodes used in …
15:49 Changeset [afb3c693] by Filippos Karapetis <bluegr@…>
Added debug commands for the global flags in IHNM svn-id: r28898
11:21 Changeset [84393ab9] by Filippos Karapetis <bluegr@…>
The early ITE demos were not interactive svn-id: r28897
06:37 Ticket #3402 (SYMBIAN: Can't save in UIQ) created by SF/anomaly2
[…] […]


22:17 Changeset [8158f3f3] by Matthew Hoops <clone2727@…>
cleanup the intro of Winnie svn-id: r28896
19:41 Ticket #3401 (GOB3: double sprite glitch in the queen level) created by SF/glorifindel
[…] […]


21:39 Changeset [f4414ac0] by Matthew Hoops <clone2727@…>
remove the rest of the PreAGI loader svn-id: r28895
20:17 Changeset [be013e6c] by Matthew Hoops <clone2727@…>
fix regression: free the picture data after decoding a PreAGI picture …
20:09 Changeset [c1c7b5f] by Matthew Hoops <clone2727@…>
PreAGI does not need an AGI resource loader, as it only needs to load …
15:49 Changeset [35d6862] by sev-
Remove/clarify several FIXMEs svn-id: r28892
11:10 Changeset [541b68e0] by Filippos Karapetis <bluegr@…>
Removed an obsolete FIXME. The code in that part matches the original, …
09:20 Changeset [4cc9d17c] by Max Horn <max@…>
Adding various FIXME comments to bogus (non-self-explanatory) existing …
09:19 Changeset [4a4fc235] by Max Horn <max@…>
Change SAGA engine to properly use KeyState structs for handling …
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