22:16 Changeset [ebec9530] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
svn-id: r25110
22:15 Changeset [f9d66e9] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Update details of several French HE demos. svn-id: r25108
21:41 Changeset [cc0c0b0d] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Update details for German version of Elvira 2 svn-id: r25107
21:30 Changeset [0c9d01ad] by Nicola Mettifogo <peres@…>
added first debug messages svn-id: r25106
13:12 Changeset [080d7083] by David Symonds <dsx@…>
Fix a minor compiler warning. svn-id: r25105
13:11 Changeset [810cc51] by David Symonds <dsx@…>
Restore missing svn:keyword attributes. svn-id: r25104
13:09 Changeset [a2f49d31] by David Symonds <dsx@…>
Remove #include "agi/text.h"; fixes build. Pointyhat to aquadran. …
12:43 Changeset [e315441c] by aquadran
update project files svn-id: r25102
12:40 Changeset [b47eb953] by aquadran
Formating names in source code svn-id: r25101
09:24 Changeset [9946045] by David Symonds <dsx@…>
Finish restructuring font data header for const correctness. svn-id: …
09:23 Changeset [f9857455] by David Symonds <dsx@…>
Start restructuring font data header for const correctness. svn-id: r25099


23:37 Changeset [c99fda16] by Stuart George <darkfiber@…>
removed detection for two hacked titles (Gold Rush and Manhunter I) …
21:59 Changeset [a3df057] by Nicola Mettifogo <peres@…>
removed definition of _glyphWidths svn-id: r25097
21:58 Changeset [79d98bf5] by Nicola Mettifogo <peres@…>
made _glyphWidths only referenced into graphics.cpp svn-id: r25096
21:14 Changeset [abb7d49b] by Max Horn <max@…>
Fixing const related warnings in the parallaction engine svn-id: r25095
20:46 Changeset [a90529c3] by Nicola Mettifogo <peres@…>
enforced MemoryReadStream usage instead of custom byte swapping in …
20:11 Changeset [3545af02] by Nicola Mettifogo <peres@…>
fixed pointer casting in InputData management svn-id: r25093
19:56 Changeset [48061b33] by Torbjörn Andersson <eriktorbjorn@…>
Fixed warning. svn-id: r25092
12:59 Changeset [1bde1579] by Nicola Mettifogo <peres@…>
Made Nippon Safes start from the regular splash screen svn-id: r25091
08:29 Changeset [8aaaa00] by aquadran
update project files svn-id: r25090
08:24 Changeset [13129f6e] by aquadran
fix warning svn-id: r25089
08:21 Changeset [964b95cc] by aquadran
keep warnings off like this ones: - warning C4610: struct …
06:07 Ticket #8598 (Better (?) memory allocation in NUT font renderer) created by eriktorbjorn
[…] […]
03:27 Ticket #3006 (WINCE: Crash maybe related to size of .ini file) created by SF/thestampede01
[…] […]


23:48 Changeset [3c537cb3] by Max Horn <max@…>
Zone names get free'd, so don't assign a static string to it (it …
23:23 Changeset [90abeb5] by David Symonds <dsx@…>
Be more flexible w.r.t. interpreter version being emulated. svn-id: r25086
22:01 Changeset [ed62e97e] by sev-
Oops. Parallaction should be disabled now. svn-id: r25085
21:58 Changeset [d38d85b] by wjp
mark 64bit issues svn-id: r25084
21:29 Changeset [e5c7ce8] by sev-
Initial import of Parallaction engine svn-id: r25083
20:52 Ticket #3005 (COMI: Music fade-out broken for compressed audio) created by eriktorbjorn
[…] […]
20:52 Changeset [549f818e] by sev-
Add few more fanmade games. But they all will go away soon to an …
17:34 Changeset [4714f64] by Chris Apers <chrilith@…>
Added missing grabRawScreen to OS5 backend svn-id: r25081
17:05 Changeset [9e45026] by Chris Apers <chrilith@…>
Added: - engines location auto-detection - Apple IIgs platform …
14:26 Ticket #3004 (AGI / Gold Rush: New detection entry) created by athrxx
[…] […]
11:06 Changeset [efe46604] by Chris Apers <chrilith@…>
Still doesn't work with PalmOS compiler svn-id: r25079
11:02 Changeset [b500f02e] by Chris Apers <chrilith@…>
Added static initializers to handle global objects allocation svn-id: …


23:23 Changeset [bc041f4b] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Add French versions of several HE game demos svn-id: r25074
19:28 Ticket #3003 (AGI: Request for adding MD5Sums of Amiga AGI games) created
[…] […]
18:23 Ticket #3002 (WINCE: scummvm.ini induced crash) created by SF/knakos
[…] […]
15:35 Changeset [24c97355] by sev-
Rename special debug levels to conform our suggested naming scheme. …
13:55 Ticket #8593 (Configure patch for cross compiling Atari Version) closed by fingolfin
13:55 Changeset [bad2b283] by Max Horn <max@…>
Patch #1610370: Configure patch for cross compiling Atari Version …
10:24 Changeset [3efe809e] by Johannes Schickel <lordhoto@…>
Fix for language selection. svn-id: r25071


18:00 Ticket #3001 (GOB2: No Ending) created by SF/exofreeze
[…] […]
02:31 Changeset [baf9d63f] by Stuart George <darkfiber@…>
Fixed version number printing in alt-d dialogue box svn-id: r25070
02:29 Changeset [1403c8e6] by sev-
Slighty modified patch #1631229: "Revamp of AGI savegame system" …
02:28 Ticket #8596 (Revamp of AGI savegame system) closed by sev-
02:11 Changeset [5e29ed6e] by sev-
Patch #1632505: "AGI: Typo in detection code" svn-id: r25068
02:11 Ticket #8597 (AGI: Typo in detection code) closed by sev-


21:53 Changeset [9b3025de] by Kostas Nakos <knakos@…>
Fix backend timer problems. Also fix wrong sound mix rate in bass …
13:01 Ticket #3000 (GOB2: Can't talk to blacksmith) created by SF/matheschlumpf
[…] […]
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