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DIG: DreamCast Version Crash at start

Reported by: SF/paras_rasmatazz Owned by: zeldin
Priority: normal Component: Engine: SCUMM
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Cc: Game: The Dig


Version: scummvm v0.3.0b sh3 Game Version : The Dig German CD-ROM Platform: DreamCast, precompiled binary

The first time i tried to run the dig on dc, scummvm wasn't able to find the game at all. When I changed the "dig.la0" and "dig.la1" file names into "dig.000" and "dig.001", the dc found the game. After starting, the dc jumped straight back to the dc main screen (crash).

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comment:1 by SF/paras_rasmatazz, 21 years ago

Summary: DreamCast Version Crash at startThe DIG :DreamCast Version Crash at start

comment:2 by fingolfin, 21 years ago

Owner: set to zeldin
Summary: The DIG :DreamCast Version Crash at startDIG: DreamCast Version Crash at start

comment:3 by zeldin, 21 years ago

I'm pretty sure it doesn't crash as such, but simply exits because it fails to open DIG.LA0 (since you renamed it to DIG.000). The selector needs updating to recognize the LA0 files. According to Scott Rath <>, this affects Full Throttle as well.

As a temporary workaround, putting both DIG.000 and DIG.LA0 on the same disc should fix the problem.

A tentative proper fix has been comitted to CVS, but I can't test it since I don't have either of these games.

comment:4 by zeldin, 21 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

comment:5 by SF/paras_rasmatazz, 21 years ago

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comment:6 by SF/paras_rasmatazz, 21 years ago

Well, i did put the dig.la0 and dig.la1 AND dig.000 & dig.001 files on the disc, and the game started just to the title screen where you see the sky w/ clouds, but the game freezes there. Normally, the LucasArts Logo should appear and then the screen would scroll down.. but it just froze there (without music). I thought it could be a problem with the videos (dunno if the appearance of the logo is a Video, but i guess so...), so i put the files in the VIDEO directory into the root directory, but it didn't help either. Plz look into it if you have the time... Greetz 'ras

comment:7 by zeldin, 21 years ago

The opening video now works, so I'm closing this ticket. The game is still not completable though, as you run out of memory pretty soon. (Is the game supposed to run in 16M? Maybe scummvm needs a diet... :)

comment:8 by zeldin, 21 years ago

Status: newclosed
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