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#6785 closed defect (wontfix)

FW: Looping samples don't loop in PC version (theoretically)

Reported by: SF/djamana Owned by: lordhoto
Priority: high Component: Engine: Cine
Version: Keywords:
Cc: Game: Future Wars



'theoretically' since the real problem at the moment is that there are no sound effects at all in PC-Version. :D

... and Amiga Version (extracted files for *.adf's) ungracefully 'ends' on intro screen just after the copyprotection That are the last console output I can get via ctrl+d debuglevel 9(patch out the stupid assertions pollution all above debuglevel 5) and debug_flags_enable all: executeGlobalScripts() Executing Object Index: 2 ... Line: 2: break PaulaSound::stopMusic() PaulaSound::stopSound() channel 0 PaulaSound::stopSound() channel 1 PaulaSound::stopSound() channel 2 PaulaSound::stopSound() channel 3 PaulaSound::stopMusic()

^^ However I may will create a own ticket for this^^

Okay this BugTrackerTicket is inspired by: #5465 FW: Looping samples don't loop in Amiga version

The subject:

Well as I see on a code review looping is simply not implemented: \scummvm-1.7.0\engines\cine\sound.cpp

void PCSound::playSound(int channel, int freq..., int repeat) {
    debugC(5, kCineDebugSound, "PCSound::playSound() channel %d size %d", channel, size);
    _soundDriver->playSample(data, size, channel, volume);

As you see 'int repeat' is just discarded in the PCSound interface and only implemented for the Amiga's PaulaSound part:

void PaulaSound::playSound(int channel, int freq..., int volume, int repeat) {
    debugC(5, kCineDebugSound, "PaulaSound::playSound() channel %d size %d", channel, size);...
            // Start the sfx
            _mixer->playStream(Audio::Mixer::kSFXSoundType, &_channelsTable[channel].handle,
                               Audio::makeLoopingAudioStream(stream, repeat ? 0 : 1),
                               -1, volume * Audio::Mixer::kMaxChannelVolume / 63,

So after fixing Sound for PC also think about implementing Looping


  • I choose (Future wars time travellers (1989)(u s gold)(de))[...]
  • (ADF View shell extension)[] However that's the amiga version that stop at the intro ( but runs well in Winuae)

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comment:1 by lordhoto, 9 years ago

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comment:2 by lordhoto, 9 years ago

I removed the link to pirated game data in your bug report. And closing this bug report as rejected because you violated our piracy rules.

Both my FW Amiga US and UK copy work fine for me btw.

comment:3 by SF/djamana, 9 years ago

Oh dear pacepalm Piracy rulez ?! Cool - also good to have them :D (or did ya mean privacy rules? ) Boa anyway never thought about that - man that game is over twenty years old and abandonware. Why are ya that 'mimosa' - are ya member at the BSA or did some natty, dready softwareπrat from Monkey Island™ scared ya to death? [removed]

But sorry that's really not the subject and I'm a little surprise and rush by ya 'uneasy' reaction - if you feel offend by the link just remove it what you already did and we'll sleep better.

However can't help myself to make a joke out of that (and maybe offend ya)- However that stands for its own:

"Da (theoretically) ticket got rejected because of (theoretically)." That's too funny. lol

Anyway pleaszz don't take it personal.

So well I see I'm guilty however I got

The ultimate masterplan:

  1. In 2015 I just get my pirated Future Wars time travellers running under SCUMMVM.
  2. I hack into the program to reprogram the time machine in 1304 to not go staight forward into the future of 3404 but into 1990.
  3. I turn into into the game at 1989 to travel to the medieval age at 1304 to find my way to the hidden hacked timemachine inside castle to go back into 1990.
  4. in 1990 i go to a shop to buy a brand new legal 3.5 Amiga diskette Version of Future Wars - Time Traveller
  5. Then I send the pack 'Future Wars - Time Traveller' from 3404 via some also carefully hacked in chrono-john to back into 2015 to a friend that will happily receive the pack and install it for me.
  6. If he has installed it - this will erase
  7. all the nasty hacks crack and illegal modification to the game and
  8. restore the past of 1990 and 1304 as I've never been there and
  9. abolishes all my guilt of having download and installed an illegal Version of

    Future Wars - Time Traveller <<

  10. and immediately get me out the game just back to 2015 in the here and now.

So that's it !!!

Done ! Now change the status to solve. :D :D :D

Ah yes in cause you've serious giggle unfunny reason for this please speak out.

P.s. Dunno but sooner or later this might come in handy:




comment:4 by wjp, 9 years ago

Besides piracy being illegal (which is reason enough to close this bug report by itself), pirated versions are also regularly corrupted, missing files, or broken by attempts at removing copy protection.

comment:5 by SF/djamana, 9 years ago

pirated versions are also regularly corrupted, missing files, or broken by attempts at removing copy protection.

That's right did some bin diff between the different versions. And found some tiny modifications to the script code. I'll try to rebuild original version from that (assuming different cracks did not patch exactly the some spot)

However these version offer a nice opportunity to test the engine code and to make it more robust and flexible so it may deal with stuff like that.

Besides piracy being illegal (which is reason enough to close this bug report by itself)

I guess that is too general here. Define what is piracy ? ...and yes if it still piracy if there's a over twenty years old game on a medium and computer system that doesn't exists anymore. Copyright evaporates after 20 years. Company does not exists anymore. And anyway be realistic IS there anybody harmed ? Are there 'real' blames / problems here? I mean at least some legitimated claims. Or is more hypothetical that ya THINKing it could be. Some kinda precautions virtual mindmade ghost piracy? ^^Whoao groovy what a nice word creation. :°)

I mean if Johannes weren't that picky + I really turn that issue there up that much there wouldn't be any piracy(or did he meant 'privacy' - since just there is tipo that opens up both) here at all.

I just try to make the best out of it. Humor is the best thing to make 'heavy stuff' light and thus more easy digestible und dissolvable.

I just got inspirate ya that 'strangeness' in ppl mindset and started creating that Avatar. ;)

Hehe it's pirate game ;) ... and

"I'm da natty dready ghost pirate." "So watch out - Rrrr."


comment:6 by lordhoto, 9 years ago

I didn't want to respond to your nonsense anymore but it looks like you need some sources about copyright length. Here's the obvious Wikipedia article on copyright terms: A nice visualization of copyright terms can be found over here: As you can easily see, it doesn't "evaporate after 20 years". Long story short: You are violating laws here.

We also have some explanation on the copyright issue over here: Making our code work with hacked/illegal versions is totally against our goals. In fact, it is a good thing if our software does not support illegal versions.

Last but not least, you have a quite strange sense of humor. Some people might just experience it as you being disrespectful and/or being under the influence of drugs. It definitely does not help the situation with us.

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