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WII: BASS - Using Jukebox crashes game

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ScummVM version: 1.7.0git458-g4885d4f (Wii) Language: English Version: CD

I'm not sure if this is JUST the Wii version as I haven't played it on my PC nearly to the point that I've played it on my Wii, but after the scene in the courtroom when the jukebox in St. James is available for use, if you select "You search, but find nothing," the song begins to play, but after maybe twenty seconds everything goes crazy. The graphics become a black and white mess and all sound stops. At this point, any attempt to interact with anything that will produce sound (either talking to somebody or going to the menu and back to restart the sound) will cause the game to promptly crash back to the Homebrew Channel. I'm on Sysmenu 4.3 with IOS58 if that has any bearing on anything.

After upgrading to the latest developer build and installing the ScummVM channel, the effect of the crash changed somewhat. Now, instead of the graphics becoming black and white and glitchy, the entire screen becomes a solid shade of gray that I can see some command-prompt type text flickering behind, and the cursor briefly becomes a solid gray box of a slightly darker shade. Once it becomes an arrow or crosshair again, clicking anything instantly terminates the game.

Attached is a saved game that should be before the crash trigger.

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Save game

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Save game

comment:1 by wjp, 11 years ago

Summary: BOSS: Jukebox event crashes game (Wii)BASS: Jukebox event crashes game (Wii)

comment:2 by digitall, 11 years ago

Tested with savegame on Linux x86_64 with no issues. Tested with Valgrind and this shows no memory corruption issues.

Based on the description, the bug is associated with the point where Colston stands up to turn the Jukebox off as he hates that song.

Since the Wii is a Big Endian machine, I suspect this could be a memory corruption that only occurs on BE machines. Will test as per with PPC BE machine VM.

comment:3 by digitall, 10 years ago

Finally got round to testing this on a BE PPC VM with the latest git master, 19ae43aa18b39882c99de1b65742218c09acdf4c. I can NOT replicate this issue and valgrind shows nothing related, so this appears to be Wii specific. Reassigning as such.

One point of note, when the issue occurs, Colson's speech line is not voiced, but switches to subtitle text. Not sure if this is related.

comment:4 by digitall, 10 years ago

Summary: BASS: Jukebox event crashes game (Wii)WII: BASS - Using Jukebox crashes game

comment:5 by digitall, 10 years ago

Tested on Wii with build from 2014-03-24 and attached savegame. No bug is observed. Colson gets up and turns off the jukebox with no issue.

The only thing of note is that the background music in this room may be stuttering slightly, but otherwise this is fine.

Going to change this bug to pending/works for me.

If the bug submitter does not restest with a recent nightly build and confirm that the bug is still occurring for them within 14 days, this bug will be closed as outdated/fixed.

comment:6 by digitall, 10 years ago

Resolution: worksforme
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comment:7 by digitall, 10 years ago

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