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GOB3: Intro doesn't show

Reported by: SF/noizert Owned by: sev-
Priority: normal Component: Engine: Gob
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Cc: Game: Goblins 3


Using Multilanguage version of Goblins 3. The introduction doens't show any graphics with the latest w32 build (21 april). The introduction used to work fine a couple of builds ago.

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comment:1 by bluegr, 17 years ago

Which version of Gob3 do you have? The Floppy or CD version?

The intro of the English CD version works fine here (running under XP SP2)

comment:2 by DrMcCoy, 17 years ago

thebluegr, noizert said "Multilanguage version", which would be the multi-lingual CD version.

Is it just the intro or other IMDs (the talking character close-ups and cut-scenes), too?

comment:3 by DrMcCoy, 17 years ago

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comment:4 by SF/noizert, 17 years ago

The transistion cut-scene from level 1 to level 2: Opening hashed: D:\scummvm\cocktel\gob3\imd.itk

Shows just fine.

comment:5 by fingolfin, 17 years ago

Component: Engine: Gob
Game: Goblins 3

comment:6 by sev-, 17 years ago

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comment:7 by sev-, 17 years ago

Works very well now with both GOB3 cd versions.

comment:8 by SF/noizert, 17 years ago

Still doesn't work here.

comment:9 by SF/noizert, 17 years ago

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comment:10 by SF/noizert, 17 years ago

Bug still present, only intro doesn't show, in latest win32 build (23 july) multi-lingual CD version.

comment:11 by DrMcCoy, 17 years ago

Could you give me the MD5 checksums of your intro.stk and imd.itk? Is there anything curious showing up in the console when the intro should play? Normally, it should play the Coktel logo animation, then the intro, then show the title screen (with "music" playing). I'm assuming it jumps directly from the logo to the title screen for you, is that correct?

comment:12 by bluegr, 17 years ago

Also, further to what drmccoy said, could you make a list of the files in your Goblins 3 directory, in case a necessary file is missing?

comment:13 by SF/noizert, 17 years ago

Introduction works now. I don't see a logo though, intro starts right away.

Here is the file info anyway:

intro.stk: 7d7ab9a987be7208b9b685846fbd3e82 imd.itk: d03740776ca9c81d1eb6fd9792e3dcbd

other files available: ext.stk, mus_gob3.lic, tot.stk, usgob3.itk

comment:14 by DrMcCoy, 17 years ago

The intro is coktel.imd (for the video) or coktel.ims and coktel.clt (for the static image).

comment:15 by DrMcCoy, 17 years ago

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