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SIMON2: not running (CVS and stable version!!!)

Reported by: SF/simsaw Owned by: Kirben
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Game: Simon the Sorcerer 2


When I'm trying to run my version of Simon 2 the
message window just displays unknown version. But I
checked before the md5 of gamepc and the message
window shows it completely DIFFERENT as it was
shown by my program. So a md5 error in ScummVM?

Anyway, I would prefer if you would switch on again the
support for third pary versions, but PLEASE this time
without target_md5.

I encountered this with German DOS Talkie.

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comment:2 by Kirben, 14 years ago

The game detection method of Simon engine was recently
changed, requiring details for all versions.

ScummVM only checks the md5 checksums of the first 5000
bytes of each file, to reduce the amount of file access on

If you provide the details reported by ScummVM on
unmodified versions of Simon 1 or Simon 2 , they will be
added to ScummVM. Be sure to mention the version (DOS or
Windows) and language of each game too.

The only known complete fan translation of Simon 1 & Simon
2 is Russian, which we already provide some support for.

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Summary: Simon2 not running (CVS and stable version!!!)SIMON2: not running (CVS and stable version!!!)

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