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BS2: not detected

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Cc: Game: Broken Sword 2


linux: suse 9.3 windows: XP BS2: original

Hello, I have a problem with BS2, it is not detected that it is under WINDOWS (version 7.1) or LINUX (cvs).

but BS1 is detected ...


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comment:1 by SF/khalek, 19 years ago

console output?

Do you have all the files in the same directory or otherwise?

comment:2 by SF/erwan2004, 19 years ago


look :

log sh configure: Running ScummVM configure... Looking for C++ compiler... g++ Checking for compiler version... 3.3.5, ok Checking hosttype... linux-gnu Checking endianness... little Running on x86... yes Alignment required... no Type with 1 byte... char Type with 2 bytes... short Type with 4 bytes... int Checking for Plugin support... no Checking for Ogg Vorbis... yes Checking for Tremor... no (Ogg Vorbis/Tremor support is mutually exclusive) Checking for FLAC >= 1.0.1... no Checking for MAD... yes Checking for ALSA >= 0.9... yes Checking for zlib... yes Checking for libmpeg2 >= 0.3.2... yes Checking for libfluidsynth... no Checking for nasm... not found

Engines: SCUMM [v7 & v8 games] [HE70+ games] Simon the Sorcerer Beneath a Steel Sky Broken Sword I (w/ mpeg2 cutscenes) Broken Sword II (w/ mpeg2 cutscenes) Flight of the Amazon Queen SAGA Gobli*ns

Backend... sdl, HQ scalers, MT-32 emu Looking for sdl-config... /usr/bin/sdl-config

Creating config.h Creating config.mak erwan@linux:~/cvs/scummvm/scummvm>

comment:3 by SF/khalek, 19 years ago

Running off the original cds really isn't a supported configuration. Try copying the files described in to disk.

comment:4 by eriktorbjorn, 19 years ago

I tried pointing ScummVM to the top-level directory of the first CD of my copy of Broken Sword 2 (the "Sold-Out Software" release), and it was detected without problem.

Mind you, I don't guarantee that the game is fully playable from CD, for reasons outlined in the README file.

comment:5 by sev-, 18 years ago

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comment:6 by sev-, 18 years ago

What is the status of this item?

Also may you test it with current CVS build?

comment:7 by SF/sf-robot, 18 years ago

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