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WINCE: Program crashes at start on IPAQ (PDA)

Reported by: SF/macgoetz Owned by: SF/arisme
Priority: normal Component: Engine: SCUMM
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Cc: Game: Monkey Island 1


Hi Folks, just want to let you know about the following bug:

Game: Monkey Island 1 (alt) (English (US)/Macintosh) Platform: PDA (HP IPAQ 5550) OS: Windows Mobile 2003 Software: ScummVM 0.7.0 (Dec 23 2004 21:14:53)

Description: Program crashes after clicking on START

Error message:ScummVM error Unrecoverable exception occurred - see crash dump in latest \scummvmCrash file.



P.S. Will upload the whole scummvmCrash file tonight. (File starts with: Exception Access Violation Flags 000000000 AddressL 00061f54 Parameter 0 00000000 Parameter 1 24000010


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comment:1 by SF/macgoetz, 19 years ago

##scummvmCrash: ---------------------------------------- Exception Access Violation Flags 00000000 Address 00061f54 Parameter 0 00000000 Parameter 1 24000010 ---------------------------------------- Context dump R0=0041faa0 R1=00000004 R2=004149a0 R3=00000000 R4=00000004 R5=003d6ef0 R6=00414138 R7=004149a0 R8=243cf998 R9=00414120 R10=003d6ef0 R11=00000000 R12=0000091a Sp=243cf8a0 Lr=00062004 Pc=00061f54 Psr=8000001f ---------------------------------------- Memory dump at 00061f22 54 e3 25 00 00 0a ff 10 04 e2 ff 00 51 e3 05 00 00 1a 46 3e a0 e3 94 20 9f e5 8c 10 9f e5 07 30 83 e3 80 00 9f e5 9b 29 00 eb b1 0c 82 e2 cc 30 90 e5 01 11 93 e7 6c 00 51 e3 17 00 00 0a ff 00 04 e2 ff 00 50 e3 05 00 00 1a 46 3e a0 e3 5c 20 9f e5 54 10 9f e5 08 30 83 e3 48 00 9f e5 8d 29 00 eb 00 01

comment:2 by fingolfin, 19 years ago

Owner: set to SF/arisme

comment:3 by SF/arisme, 19 years ago

Can you specify the modes you're using (VGA mode, pseudo VGA, QVGA) and the additional running programs (taskbars ...) installed ?

comment:4 by SF/arisme, 19 years ago

Additional note, does it still happen with the 0.7.1 RC posted here ?

comment:5 by SF/macgoetz, 19 years ago

Nope - problem is NOT fixed in :

Well, I am using the standard resolution (Windows Mobile 2003 does not support VGA as far as I know) and I have no problems with Monkey2 or Indy (Atlantis and Crusade) or Beneth or Amazon Queen - they all fine. Monkey1 was ok with the previous version but it does not like 0.7.0. The problem occures directly after the green ScummVM main window - I select Monkey Island 1, then press start and then the program crashes. I do not see any picture, can't see a text nor can I hear any music from Monkey1 - only the error message.

I am also using the same version of Monkey1 on my PC and I do not have any problems with the PC version.



comment:6 by SF/arisme, 19 years ago

The E800 has a VGA mode for Windows Mobile 2003 :) I checked the crash report, it happens surprisingly in the special Monkey Island game detection. The strange part is that it doesn't crash on my version. How is it detected in the desktop version ? As a Macintosh game ? The MD5 is correct ?

comment:7 by SF/macgoetz, 19 years ago

I installed ScummVM (0.7.0) today on a new WindowsXP installation. After I added "Monkey 1" (it was identified ok!) I started it and got the error message:

Error message: Cannot find file:'monkey1.000'

I checked the file and I can confirm that the file is there! I added all other games (Monkey2, Loom, etc.) in the same way and did not get an error message.

FYI: Filesize of file "monkey1.000" = 9.455 bytes


comment:8 by SF/arisme, 19 years ago

Seems to be a problem with your game files ...

comment:9 by SF/macgoetz, 19 years ago

Well, it looks like that I have a problem with the Mac Version of Monkey 1. I tried to VGA version of Monkey 1 and all was fine! But it is still strange - I played the Mac version with Scumm before and all was fine until the last update (then the PC AND the PDA version stopped working with Monkey 1 (Mac)).

Anyway, I think you can close this "Bug"..



comment:10 by fingolfin, 19 years ago

Hm, so you mean, you encounter the problem both with the WinCE and the regular Windows version of ScummVM?

I also have the mac version of monkey island, and it works just fine over here, with the OSX version of ScummVM...

comment:11 by fingolfin, 19 years ago

Resolution: outdated
Status: newclosed

comment:12 by fingolfin, 19 years ago

Closing this item, as we can't pinpoint the problem; the game variant involved is rather rare; and apparently the problem only occurs on some machines (as MI1 Mac works excellent over here).

comment:13 by fingolfin, 19 years ago

Summary: IPAQ (PDA): Program crashes at startWINCE: Program crashes at start on IPAQ (PDA)
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