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Can't get Joey to talk to the hologram

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Cc: Game: Beneath a Steel Sky


Beneath a Steel Sky, CD Talkie ScummCM 0.6.0

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comment:1 by eriktorbjorn, 20 years ago

This is a very vague bug report, and could just as easily be caused by a bug in a walkthrough as a bug in ScummVM.

I assume the hologram refers to the one outside the doctor's office. Have you made sure that you know *why* you want to get into the doctor's office? (Foster doesn't want plastic surgery, so it needs to be a more important reason than that.) Did you try talking to the hologram yourself before asking Joey to?

(For what its worth, this scene worked fine for me with a development snapshot a few days ago. But I used an old savegame to get there - I wanted to test the music, not the puzzle itself - so maybe it doesn't count.)

comment:2 by eriktorbjorn, 20 years ago

What's the status of this? Did you ever get it to work?

comment:3 by eriktorbjorn, 20 years ago

Status: newclosed

comment:4 by fingolfin, 19 years ago

Component: Engine: Sky
Game: Beneath a Steel Sky
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