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COMI: Speech is stuttering

Reported by: SF/leerqbasic Owned by: aquadran
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Cc: Game: Monkey Island 3


Using Scummvm 0.7.0CVS (May 5 2004 13:11:50) on Windows XP.

I've had this problem for a long time, and I hoped it was solved when I saw some sound fixes at the CVS version, but alas; it appears that from the beginning on, Guybrush and Wally produce stuttering voices whenever they say something.

The same happens with the music in the loading screen, but not always. Maybe a buffer underrun? My dvd player certainly is fast enough, judging by the original game. CPU usage during the flaw stays around 4-6%, not a problem there.

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comment:1 by fingolfin, 20 years ago

Do you have any special audio related drivers installed? What kind of audio system do you have anyway?

We have had similar reports in the past, but so far they always turned out to be a problem with the sound config of the reporter...

comment:2 by SF/leerqbasic, 20 years ago

I have an integrated Intel AC'97 audio system with no special drivers installed and full audio acceleration enabled. As far as I know this problem does not occur with any other ScummVM emulated game or SDL-powered application/game.

comment:3 by SF/leerqbasic, 20 years ago

I noticed that the stuttering only occurs during heavy cd-rom activity. For example, the music in the title screen ("Act 1") stutters when the game is loading the scene itself, or Guybrush stutters as the sound is buffered from the cd. I'm going to try to copy the files to my harddisk, although maybe the solution it's far from a *nice* solution ;-)

comment:4 by SF/leerqbasic, 20 years ago

Running the game from my harddisk solved the problem. Could it be that the stuttering is caused by switching too much between files on the cd-rom? (for example, buffering the music while also trying to buffer the speech)

comment:5 by aquadran, 20 years ago

what is current status with latest cvs ?

comment:6 by SF/leerqbasic, 20 years ago

I tested the latest CVS version of ScummVM and happily noticed the voices no longer stutter. Well, in fact they do, but only while the cd is being read. As soon as the sounds are loaded the voices play just fine. As for the music, it stutters like hell when ScummVM is accessing the cd-rom.

comment:7 by aquadran, 20 years ago

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