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FOTAQ: Can't see or talk to the three zombies

Reported by: SF/rodneon Owned by: cyxx
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I'm in the room with the three zombies and the sarcophagus, but I can't see the zombies. When I try to talk to the one on the left, the game either crashes or the buttons at the bottom of the page flash once. I tried getting to the same spot using a different savegame, got the same error.

Here are the technical details you need: - English, Talkie, Freeware version of FOTAQ. - ScummVM v0.7.0 (April 25 daily. I had been using the 0.6.0 release until cyx recommended the daily.) - WinXP Pro

If anyone has a savegame just past the point where he gets the crown out of the sarcophagus, please send it to -- I can't wait to clear this game!

Thanks, RodNeon

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Weird error
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bobs table
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level 9 debug

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by SF/rodneon, 20 years ago

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comment:1 by SF/rodneon, 20 years ago

Summary: Can't see or talk to the three zombiesFOTAQ: Can't see or talk to the three zombies

comment:2 by cyxx, 20 years ago

No problem for me, using the latest daily build under win2k.

Here is the screenshot taken just after loading the savegame : 20040424.png. The 3 zombies are here and I was able to talk to them and exit the room.

Right now, I have absolutely no idea what can cause this.

by SF/rodneon, 20 years ago

Attachment: FOTAQ screenshot.jpg added

Weird error

comment:3 by SF/rodneon, 20 years ago

I'm also uploading a screenshot, not that it matters all that much... but at least you can see I'm not crazy!

comment:4 by cyxx, 20 years ago

Very weird... So it seems there is a problem with the initialisation of the persons/actors.

Can you run scummvm in debuglevel 6 ("scummvm -d6 ...") and paste the 10 last lines of output after having loaded your savegame ? The interesting lines should begin with Graphics::setupRoomObjects or Graphics::setupPerson.

Maybe we'll see something interesting there...

comment:5 by cyxx, 20 years ago

Owner: set to cyxx

comment:6 by SF/rodneon, 20 years ago

Here's the debug info:

Loading game from slot 6 Logic::displayRoom(50, 1, 100, 1, 0) Display::screenMode(1, 0) Graphics::setupRoomObjects() - Setting up person 16F, name=129 Graphics::setupPerson(2, 46) - bob = 1 name = ZOMBIE Graphics::setupRoomObjects() - Setting up person 174, name=129 Graphics::setupPerson(7, 49) - bob = 2 name = ZOMBIE2 Graphics::setupRoomObjects() - Setting up person 175, name=129 Graphics::setupPerson(8, 53) - bob = 3 name = ZOMBIE3 Logic::setupJoeInRoom() - oldx=164, oldy=141 scale=100

I'm going to try saving the debug info up to when I try talking to the zombie leader (the one on the left). Scumm just crashes and the window closes instantly, but I'll try to save the output of the debugger to a text file.

by SF/rodneon, 20 years ago

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comment:7 by SF/rodneon, 20 years ago

Starting the game from a command prompt window revealed the message given before the crash... here it is:

Assertion failed: index >= 0 && index < GAME_STATE_COUNT, file queen/logic.cpp, line 434

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information.

Also, here's the debug info after Logic::setupJoeInRoom (etc...): Command::makeJoeWalkTo() - x=164 y=141 newRoom=0 Command::executeCurrentAction() - comMax=1 subj1=16F subj2=0 Command::executeCommand() - cond = 1BC, com = 16E ----- talk("zombie1.DOG") -----

That's when the games crashes. I'm uploading the full debug dump for reference, in case you need it.

I hope this helps. I could try downloading the game again, but it would take me days to do it on dial-up.

comment:8 by cyxx, 20 years ago

The assertion triggered isn't very revelant as you can't see the zombies. So something is in a wrong state before...

Unfortunately, the debug output is exactly the same for me. I have an idea but I am not sure... So I need your input, one more time...

Can you turn the debug level to 9 and re-upload the output ? (scummvm -d9 ...)

Also, once you have loaded your game, it would be nice to dump the contents of the bobs table. To do this, hit Ctrl+d, a green console should appear, then type "bobs" and a table will be displayed (don't bother rewritting the table here, a screenshot is sufficient).

I hope that, with all this information, we will be able to isolate the bug...

by SF/rodneon, 20 years ago

Attachment: bobs.jpg added

bobs table

by SF/rodneon, 20 years ago

Attachment: dump_d9.txt added

level 9 debug

comment:9 by SF/rodneon, 20 years ago

The level 9 debug turned out kinda big, but here it is.

comment:10 by cyxx, 20 years ago

I don't see anything wrong in the debug logs... The sprite table has the good entries too.

The problem may be related to the datafile itself. As the majority of files related to this room are located at the end of the resource file, I suspect a corrupted/truncated queen.1c file. Did you encouter any errors/problems when unpacking (out of disk space for example) ?

Your queen.1c should have the following "characteristics" : size = 54108887 bytes crc32 = aa61d0f1 md5 = 6083b699428dd14eba0967a21335694b

comment:11 by SF/rodneon, 20 years ago

I got it working! The weirdest thing happened though... I checked queen.1c for file size, perfect match. Check the downloaded zip and the crc of the file within it... match. So I decided to unzip the file again. Here's the weird thing: the time info on the file I had on my HD was exactly one hour off. The file in the zip was created or last modified on 03/16/2004 10:27AM, the one I had was listed as having been created at 11:27AM. Very strange, since both files came from the same zip! I hope it's not a virus...

Thanks a million for your help. It was great fun learning a bit more about the inner workings of the great games I've been enjoying for years!

Let me know if I should delete this thread or remove the uploaded files.

comment:12 by cyxx, 20 years ago

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