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FT: Some INSANE trouble

Reported by: SF/themmaster Owned by: sev-
Priority: normal Component: Engine: SCUMM
Version: Keywords: script
Cc: Game: Full Throttle


ScummVM 0.5.7cvs (Jan 27 2004 00:55:14) Language : English Version : Talkie Platform : Linux GCC-3.3

* INSANE crashes sometimes, hard to reproduce, but I get thrown in a debugger window it ended with the following message on stdout: (13:82:0xE8A): invalid seek request : 52168 > 11990 (delta == 51358) (13:82:0xE8A): invalid seek request : 52168 > 11990 (delta == 51358)!

* INSANE Also crashes sometimes with the error (13:82:0xE8A): unknown> Chunk in SAUD track : wwsp The four letters at the end seem to varey though... also hard to reproduce, it just happends sometimes

also: not sure if this is due to insane too but:

if you loose the fight with the dude that has the plank, you will ONLY get a cave dude, the dude who is supposed to get you the goggles. Which is quite annoying considering the fact that you NEED the plank to win from that cave dude.

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comment:1 by fingolfin, 20 years ago

Summary: Some INSANE troubleFT: Some INSANE trouble

comment:2 by sev-, 20 years ago

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comment:3 by sev-, 20 years ago

These are actually three unrelated bugs

1) seek error seems to be finally fixed 2) This is todo, may be related to _middleAudio mode 3) I started to work on it, though this procedure (proc62 in insane_iact.cpp) is very obscured to me and I've hunt some transition bugs but that haven't resolved the problem.

comment:4 by SF/themmaster, 20 years ago

~/src/scummvm/scummvm -v ScummVM 0.5.7cvs (Jan 29 2004 20:11:30)

well, nr 1 seems to be fixed allright! good job!

but nr2 seems to be happening quite a bit more, in fact, after pretty much every fight or more often. I also see it in places where I haven't seen it before like just AFTER you win or loose a fight, it used to only do it while fighting.

nr3 I can't ferify because of nr2 I can't get past. I ALWAYS get nr2 after loosing from the guy with the plank

comment:5 by sev-, 20 years ago

I finally fixed third bug as well.

Second one is more difficult to hunt but it appears for me only on road from ranch to vista and never the opposite way, so you can surely skip that bug at the moment by pressing ESC key.

comment:6 by sev-, 20 years ago

Status: newclosed

comment:7 by sev-, 20 years ago

Fixed in CVS

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