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#9058 Using more than one FM_OPL object (experimental) new normal Engine: SCUMM
#9203 SDL: Avoiding pathological screen updates new normal --Other--
#10444 AGI: Graphics glitch when reloading a savegame after dying new normal Engine: AGI
#12821 Blue and Red pages dropping whenever mouse clicked in Myst new normal Engine: Mohawk
#13017 Support Voyeur (german patch) new normal Engine: Voyeur
#13099 GOB: Add Detection for "Playtoons 5: The Stone of Wakan" German Variant new normal Engine: Gob
#13100 GOB: Add Detection for "Playtoons4: The Mandarin Prince" German Variant new normal Engine: Gob
#13131 SCUMM: Add proper detection for German ultimate talkie translation (Monkey Island 2) new normal Engine: SCUMM
#13528 Grim Fandandgo crashes after loading a save (MAC) new normal Engine: Grim
#13634 Space Quest I VGA remake - Patched to Version 2.1 new normal Engine: SCI
#9013 Enforce aspect ratio in fullscreen SDL new low Ports
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