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#13841 ENGINES: Setting a file's _saveType value by where it’s stored can cause a regular save to be overwritten. new defect high Common
#10371 BACKENDS: MacOSX - System cursor always visible when in fullscreen mode. new defect normal Port: Mac OS X
#11203 BACKENDS: MacOSX - 32 bit v2.1.0 release crashes on launch on macOS 10.6. new defect normal Port: Mac OS X
#11440 MOHAWK: RIVEN: Autosave no longer tests against game state at time of exit call. new defect normal Engine: Mohawk
#12363 MYST3: Manually overwriting Autosave file disables autosaving. new macca8 defect normal Engine: Myst3
#12395 BUILDBOT: MAC OS X: 32-bit daily builds crash on macOS 10.6.8. new defect normal Port: Mac OS X
#12396 WEB: Buildbot web pages are blank when viewed on older systems. new defect normal Web
#12793 MACOSX: When switching between windows created with different graphics types, both may be retained as active windows. new defect normal Port: Mac OS X
#13019 ZVISION: ZGI: Switching to windowed mode changes the config file’s last_window_width/height values to 640x480 respectively. new defect normal Engine: ZVision
#13054 MACOS: OPENGLSDL: Maximizing a window doesn’t set SDL_WINDOW_MAXIMIZED flag. new defect normal Port: Mac OS X
#13842 ENGINES: Fix proper detection of autosaves by isAutosave() function. new defect normal Common
#10044 MOHAWK: Riven: Excessive delay before cursor appears after movie ends. new defect low Engine: Mohawk
#10135 MOHAWK: Riven: Graphics glitch after Gehn leaves office. new defect low Engine: Mohawk
#11637 GUI: STRETCH MODE: Popup Menu displays redundant 'Normal' setting. new defect low GUI
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