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#11780 BACKENDS: Symbian - Virtual keyboard distortion: The letters are superimposed on each other. new virtual keyboard, distortion, interface, symbian defect high
#10979 Feature Request: Text box above virtual keyboard for Starship Titanic and other games new feature request virtual keyboard obstruction feature request normal
#11224 BACKENDS: Android - Right Click doesn't work in Beavis & Butthead - Virtual Stupidity pending Right Click, Beavis & Butthead, Virtual Stupidity antoniou79 defect normal
#11781 BACKENDS: Symbian - Virtual keyboard image freeze - Mirror effect. new virtual keyboard, distortion, interface, symbian defect normal
#11902 SYMBIAN: Display the letters on the virtual keyboard according to the orientation of the phone. new add, letters, virtual keyboard, orientation, landscape, portrait, touchscreen, symbian feature request normal
#11903 BACKENDS: Symbian - Error when using the dedicated key to load game quickly. new load game, save game, dedicated key, virtual keyboard, symbian defect normal
#11888 SYMBIAN: Add a minimize (MIN) key shortcut to the virtual Qwerty keyboard (ABC). new quick access, shortcut, virtual keyboard, symbian feature request low
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