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#11971 SCUMM: MANIAC/ZAK C64: GUI & dialog text are incorrectly positioned on screen, and cursor is improperly layered new maniac mansion, zak mckracken, maniac, zak, text, dialog, cursor, c64, commodore 64 defect normal
#13074 PRINCE: Timing issue / Scene skipping new Galador, Text skip, unwinnable mini game, Prince and the Coward defect normal
#13107 SCUMM: MM (NES-EU-ES) - Last letters retained in screen/missing letters new Maniac Mansion NES, Text artifacts, Clear screen, Letters defect normal
#13418 Consider implementing auto-complete for individual games that can support it. new text-adventure autocomplete feature request normal
#14407 3DS: make use of linear heap to make resource-intensive games playable new 3ds nintendo stream memory texture tinygl freescape grim myst3 stark tetraedge wintermute feature request normal
#14445 GRAPHICS: libTAS crashes SCI with fullscreen video new LibTAS OpenGL GLXBadContext defect normal
#14510 SCUMM: Inconsistent Audio setting between in-game GMM menu and launcher's Game Options new audio, speech, subtitles, text defect normal
#14813 PINK: Broken cyrillic symbols in both pink panther games new Text, Symbols, Encoding defect normal
#15126 AGI: KQ3: Intro Text Goes by Too Quickly new kq3, introduction text, cycles defect normal
#12481 ULTIMA4: Text Colorization does not work new Ultima IV text colorization defect low
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