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#5405 GOB: Woodruff - Can't Get Master's Powers new script DrMcCoy defect high
#3757 AGOS: StS1 - Bad sync in Italian CD version new script defect normal
#4111 SCUMM: MM - Meteor Police never arrives new script defect normal
#4687 SAGA: ITE - Jail bug after speaking to Shiala new script defect normal
#4775 GOB: Gobliins 2 - Machine hotspot disappears in armor room new script DrMcCoy defect normal
#4815 PARALLACTION: Nippon - Explanation verbs stuck new script peres defect normal
#5413 GOB: Woodruff - Possible lockup in the prison tower new script DrMcCoy defect normal
#5490 GOB3: Incorrect Name of Potion Object In Lab new script Strangerke defect normal
#5624 SCUMM: Zak McKracken (FM-Towns) - Opening hostel door (Mars) corrupts cutscene index new FM-Towns, script Kirben defect normal
#5760 GOB: Goblins Quest 3 - Cannot move Blount in the Brain level new script DrMcCoy defect normal
#5901 GOB: Woodruff - Priest doesn't prevent you from taking the disk new script DrMcCoy defect normal
#6380 MOHAWK: LB - Bad config file causes engine abort in Sheila Rae French new script fuzzie defect normal
#11178 BLADERUNNER: Subtitle V6 corrections new Subtitles, English, French, Spanish, transcript defect normal
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