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#13344 AGS: Several animation issues in Chzo mythos special edition games new trilbysnotes, chzo, ags defect high
#13417 AGS: Can't start a games on BIG-Endian/AmigaOS4 : Unalbe to load the room file 'room74.crm'. new big endian, BE, AGS defect high
#12767 AGS: Blackwell Convergence: Gothic Bridge BGM does not start pending ags, music, bw3 dreammaster defect normal
#13436 AGS: Maniac Mansion Deluxe (AGS) Excessive movement on iOS new Maniac Mansion Deluxe, AGS, iOS defect normal
#13480 AGD: Support existing (Spanish) Fan Translations for AGD (KQ2/KQ3/AlEmmo) and Infamous (SQ2) new Translations, AGS, King Quest, Al Emmo, Space Quest defect normal
#13482 DIRECTOR: Improve "Maniac Sport" detection new Manias Mansion Deluxe, AGS, Detection, defect normal
#13557 PS3: AGS games not working new AGS defect defect normal
#13659 AGS: Default "Game language" option in ScummVM does not override .cfg file new ags, language defect normal
#13724 AGS: Resonance: Unable to read emails on the receptionist's PC new ags defect normal
#13728 SCI: add wildcard and/or range to debugging commands for Game Flags new game flags, gameflags, debug, debugger feature request normal
#13780 Bmail and Rosa's website are empty in Blackwell Convergence new ags blackwell defect normal
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