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#5914 IPHONE: swipe to simulate arrow keys doesn't work new vinterstum defect high 7 years ago
#4876 IPHONE: Skip gesture does not work in 'click-and-drag' mode new vinterstum defect normal 9 years ago
#4879 IPHONE: iPad rotation lock not handled properly new vinterstum defect normal 9 years ago
#5809 IPHONE: Fullscreen Mode Cropped new vinterstum defect normal 8 years ago
#5950 IPHONE: Airplay Mirroring not working correctly new vinterstum defect normal 7 years ago
#6694 iOS: GUI problem new defect normal 5 years ago
#7137 iOS-rotation doesn't catch up when switching apps. new defect normal 3 years ago
#7603 iPhone: Pie menu for keyboard input? new vinterstum enhancement normal 11 years ago
#7837 iPad Landscape Rotation Lock Problem pending digitall enhancement normal 7 years ago
#7858 Bluetooth keyboard in full screen ipad new digitall enhancement normal 6 years ago
#7871 IPHONE: Store running game state when switching tasks new enhancement normal 5 years ago
#10314 iOS: LSL7: Unable to open Xqwsts’ locker on iOS new defect normal 17 months ago
#6131 IPHONE: Cursor disappearing in landscape mode new defect low 7 years ago
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