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ULTIMA: iOS needs better mouse control

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Ultima 8 is controlled by the mouse by both left click, holding left click and moving by holding down the right mouse button. Also there is jumping that is done by holding down both mouse buttons (also a running jump by running via holding down the right button and then hitting the left one) or by hitting space (and that needs to be done faster than bringing up the onscreen keyboard :)).

With Exult (which uses the same movement scheme without jumps) we used the very new code in SDL2's mercurial to add a virtual joystick and a corresponding onscreen virtual joystick.
Perhaps ScummVM needs to do something similar along with an onscreen button to jump.

OR ScummVM already has something like this and I just don't know about it and it needs to be enabled for Ultima 8 :)

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Summary: ULTIMA 8: iOS needs better mouse controlULTIMA: iOS needs better mouse control
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