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#11367 WEB: I18N and punctuation improvements pending IlDucci feature request normal
#12396 WEB: Buildbot web pages are blank when viewed on older systems. new defect normal
#12774 Better notes about residualvm merge new feature request normal
#13216 WEB: "Other" screenshots page is broken new defect normal
#13422 Bug tracker's main page has obsolete instructions and link new defect normal
#14380 WEB: Adding SEO to pages new feature request normal
#14481 Web: Fix wiki statement about not being able to import QFG4 to itself new defect normal
#15122 WEB: Bug Tracker - Logging in redirects to homepage new defect normal
#13741 [Homepage] Please add a sub-URL, called "/statistics" and/or "/stats" new feature request low
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