13:12 Ticket #13918 (SCUMM: MI1 Playback Adjustment settings hide Original GUI setting) closed by dwatteau
08:20 Ticket #13944 (King's Quest 6 Cannot Take Paper From SpiderWeb) created by emuguru
On Isle of Wonder, just to the right of the main scene, If you attempt …
04:48 Ticket #13943 (King Quest 5 keeps crashing in the exact same spot) closed by sluicebox
invalid: Excellent! Happy to hear it's working; have fun KQ5'ing!
04:00 Ticket #13602 (SCUMM: Add option to enable or disable overriding music) closed by Thunderforge
fixed: Yes it is implemented. Thanks for keeping up with this!


15:55 Ticket #12928 (DIRECTOR: unknown game variant, Jönssonligan - Jakten på Mjölner) closed by tag2015
03:57 Ticket #13315 (Russian "Akella" version is not supported) closed by Die4Ever
01:06 Ticket #13121 (Implement printing in HE SCUMM titles) closed by sev-


18:23 Ticket #13435 (GUI: Placeholder titles in gamelist?) closed by tag2015
18:13 Ticket #6515 (NEVERHOOD: the five rings room) closed by tag2015


20:14 Ticket #13943 (King Quest 5 keeps crashing in the exact same spot) created by SAL150
Hi, every time i get to the desert and try to enter the thiefs area …
19:10 Ticket #13942 (FREESCAPE: Add "Virtual Worlds" Atari ST support) created by laenion
It seems the European Atari ST version of "Virtual Worlds" (a …
18:08 Ticket #12979 (MOHAWK: Unknown game variant: Tortoise & The Hare) closed by sev-
fixed: Thank you, added.
07:20 Ticket #13941 (AGS: Heroine's Quest font rendering issue) created by Crystal-Shard
TrueType fonts (TTF) render slightly differently between ScummVM …


08:31 Ticket #13940 (DIRECTOR: Missing audio cue in Spaceship Warlock Stambul streets) created by elasota
In the Stambul streets at the very start, the audio VO that says "Bow …


00:25 Ticket #13939 (MD5: ADL: Unknown game variant for hires2) created by silentwar-resident
The game in 'AdventureSerenia\' seems to be an unknown game variant. …
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