11:52 Ticket #13642 (MADS: Rex Nebular crashes if autosave triggers during the intro) closed by dwatteau
fixed: Fixed by Filippos in commit e51766c768b9709dbf2d3b11171f42888ba547eb. …
08:08 Ticket #7043 (SCI: PHARKAS Mac ScummVM font different than native font.) closed by sluicebox
fixed: Done. 1efdb1cb6c1b03da676b5546fc93189666596e26


23:20 Ticket #13884 (GUI: Fatal "Wrong string format (M)" error when exploring an HFS CD) closed by phcoder
fixed: Fixed by https://github.com/scummvm/scummvm/pull/4403#event-7748016249
10:26 Ticket #13921 (Character ":" disallowed in .ini section names) created by Klaitu
Unclear the source of this limitation, but most gameid's contain a …


21:40 Ticket #13920 (MOHAWK: LB - French sheila version not starting) created by laenion
The French version of "Sheila Rae the Brave" is not starting due to an …
21:17 Ticket #13919 (MOHAWK: LB - Missing shortcuts) created by laenion
According to the manuals of the Living Books games (at least in the …


13:56 Ticket #13918 (SCUMM: MI1 Playback Adjustment settings hide Original GUI setting) created by dwatteau
Current Git 83ff98940d6d2 HEAD on macOS. MI1 CD has an original_gui
11:33 Ticket #13917 (BACKENDS: iOS: Default touchpad mode unusable on iOS 16) created by dwatteau
larsman on Discord asked to file a bug report about this. I'm not a …
04:41 Ticket #13829 (SCI: Space Quest III unknown game variant) closed by sluicebox
invalid: These are not original game files. You can tell because resource.001 …
04:13 Ticket #13914 (SCI: PQ2: Pixel Artifacts after clicking on top menu bar) closed by sluicebox
fixed: Fixed in: f779535e3e9c4f9e89963fd26fd8d182aaa75f1c Good news: I blew …


18:28 Ticket #13913 (DOCS: Please make 2.6.1's Release Notes mention not just QFG4) closed by lotharsm
fixed: Thank you, this was an oversight. Fixed.
08:17 Ticket #13916 (GLK: ZCODE - Unknown game variants) created by raziel-
"Hibernated 1 DC", "Hibernated 1 DC - This is Death" { …


22:37 Ticket #13915 (DIRECTOR: Add Pytachok games) closed by tag2015
10:34 Ticket #13915 (DIRECTOR: Add Pytachok games) created by GoragTheThief
Try this on switch and PC: …
08:28 Ticket #13912 (ASYLUM: Changing SFX volume also changes Voice volume) closed by alxpnv
fixed: Thanks for the report
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