13:02 Ticket #11689 (Blazing Dragons: Missing character shadows) closed by yuv422


14:34 Ticket #11717 (3DS Build Crashes When Changing Theme) closed by bgK
fixed: Thank you for your report, this will be fixed in the next development …
04:32 Ticket #11717 (3DS Build Crashes When Changing Theme) created by MarioKartFan
Using the latest daily snapshot (3dsx), with a fresh .ini, ScummVM …


09:40 Ticket #11716 (SWORD25: No music setting still results in music in the game) created by antoniou79
In our Audio tab, under "Preferred Device" we have a "No music" …
09:32 Ticket #11715 (AUDIO: Games crash on launch with FluidSynth and no soundfont) created by antoniou79
Before commit: …
09:05 Ticket #11233 (BACKENDS: Android - Fluidsynth without soundfont causes app to exit ...) closed by antoniou79
fixed: This was never an Android specific issue. It seems that it was just …
03:55 Ticket #11714 (SCI: Betrayed Alliance - Unknown game variant) created by cosmicr
The game in 'Betrayed Alliance\' seems to be an unknown game variant. …


20:08 Ticket #11413 (BACKENDS: WIN64 - Enable all command line parameters also for daily builds) closed by lotharsm


09:38 Ticket #9807 (SCI: GK1: Restore missing Windows video in Day 6, Bayou Cutscene?) closed by sluicebox
fixed: Fixed in 4008b845a1e845f90c06f4e538d10194ba1b31f6


03:55 Ticket #11703 (XEEN: Graphics glitch on edge of world view) closed by dreammaster
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