14:10 Ticket #10401 (Incorrect cursor movement when using keyboard) created by mtandrup
ScummVM version: 2.0.0 Bug details: When using the keyboard to …
08:44 Changeset [87218254] by bgK
ALL: Update the years for 2018
08:35 Changeset [137814c8] by bgK
DOC: set release date (cherry picked from commit …


14:43 Changeset [0c1aaf8f] by dafioram
README: Add TITANIC function key controls
14:42 Changeset [95cf7654] by dafioram
README: Add TITANIC DE saved game notes


21:51 Changeset [e7898414] by rsn8887 <rsn8887@…>
PSP: fix bit shifts of cursor x/y, fix too-slow cursor
13:47 Ticket #9722 (Blade Runner: French version detection) closed by dafioram
fixed: The french md5 was added in commit …
05:29 Changeset [b2cf5a30] by rsn8887 <rsn8887@…>
PSP: adjust cursor refresh to better match speed it had before it …


22:55 Ticket #10400 (BACKENDS: Linux - Ubuntu port is missing FluidSynth) created by XzuRukneg
Just tested scummvm2.0 with official site package, under ubuntu 16.04 …
19:24 Ticket #10399 (Darby the Dragon French Version is Unsupported) created by msSeven
I tried to add the Macintosh French version of Darby the Dragon …
14:46 Ticket #10398 (FULLPIPE: memory leak when exiting via in-game menu (not gmm)) created by dafioram
cf1171d4d9b43eba525439da82db16cd4aac0414 Running valgrind: […] …
14:37 Ticket #10397 (FULLPIPE: Memory leak when loading a saved game) created by dafioram
cf1171d4d9b43eba525439da82db16cd4aac0414 Running valgrind: Loading a …
12:07 Changeset [4e4a5892] by rsn8887 <rsn8887@…>
PSP: support mouse speed/joy deadzone options and smooth cursor motion
03:07 Ticket #10396 (FULLPIPE: Rolling bridge is a wrong state) created by dafioram
Kirben32 2.1.0-git-104-g789a38b38c I have already solved the rolling …
03:02 Ticket #10395 (FULLPIPE: Stuck when teleportating to foot) created by dafioram
If you teleport to the big foot (floor 8) before clearing the foot …
01:00 Ticket #10394 (FULLPIPE: Saved game playtime resets on restart) created by dafioram
The playtime shown for the saved games of full pipe keeps restarting …


20:14 Changeset [23140720] by rsn8887 <rsn8887@…>
PSP: Use aspect correction checkbox instead of extra graphics modes
16:40 Changeset [50d79c5f] by tsoliman
MT32: Update to munt 2.3.0 This uses upstream commit …
05:40 Changeset [bb5e8d3a] by GitHub <noreply@…>
Merge pull request #1090 from bgK/remove-zaurus-yopy PORTS: Remove …


23:48 Ticket #10239 (PSP port incorrect 4:3 aspect radio) closed by rsn8887
22:05 Ticket #10393 (SCI: PQ4 Screenshots (German version)) created by windlepoons
Screenshots and thumbs for PQ6 German version (1.00/CD/DOS/German) I …
18:57 Changeset [0c26da90] by Colin Snover <github.com@…>
SCI32: Fix segfault when SCI3 vocab isn't found Seen when attempting …
11:06 Changeset [6e2c702] by GitHub <noreply@…>
Merge pull request #1098 from AReim1982/neverhood_wii NEVERHOOD: …
08:03 Changeset [e6262b3] by Alexander Reim <alexander@…>
NEVERHOOD: Graceful shutdown of the engine
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