23:54 Ticket #9862 (SCI: Police Quest 3: Missing 10 points when you give Marie the locket ...) closed by m-kiewitz
21:58 Changeset [58e60333] by dreammaster
TITANIC: Flag English version for testing, German version as unstable
21:54 Changeset [4ca01a69] by dreammaster
TITANIC: Reset movie framerate when setting up decompressor
21:48 Changeset [feef98dd] by dreammaster
TITANIC: Fix crash going up service elevator in prologue
21:40 Changeset [72423657] by dreammaster
TITANIC: Fix service lift indicator when going down floors
21:32 Changeset [372610a] by dreammaster
TITANIC: Refactor out _isReversed from AVI Surface
17:55 Ticket #9864 (SCI: Torin: Send to invalid selector at Lycentia doorway 5th world) created by g5ppc
After the Dreep creature moved offscreen, Torin can click to climb …
09:54 Changeset [5d1b5278] by Martin Kiewitz <m_kiewitz@…>
NEWS: Add Police Quest 3 script patch
09:41 Changeset [4fd313a4] by Martin Kiewitz <m_kiewitz@…>
SCI: Fix typo in pq3 script patch
09:38 Changeset [a978e2a1] by Martin Kiewitz <m_kiewitz@…>
SCI: Add script patch for pq3, points for giving locket (bug #9862) …
02:59 Changeset [28c461e] by dreammaster
TITANIC: Don't set movie framerate until after movie has started
01:33 Changeset [e4ba3fc] by dreammaster
TITANIC: Update AVISurface to use refactored AVIDecoder
01:31 Changeset [2838776c] by dreammaster
VIDEO: Refactor AVIDecoder for better handling of transparency track …
00:34 Changeset [a897ad9e] by dreammaster
VIDEO: Add method to VideoDecoder to erase a track


23:11 Ticket #9863 (Beavis and butthead video problems) created by Flavanoid
I am using scummvm version 1.9.0 beta. When I start beavis and …


18:58 Ticket #9862 (SCI: Police Quest 3: Missing 10 points when you give Marie the locket ...) created by SeanW1975
This is a bug in the original game, you never receive the 10 points …
13:45 Ticket #7068 (WME: Carol Reed 5 crashes at end of conversation with Jonas) closed by tobiatesan
13:44 Ticket #7088 (WME: Bickadoodle v1.2: can't hear voices in introductory cutscene) closed by tobiatesan
13:44 Ticket #6580 (WME: Helga Deep in Trouble - Coffee Crash) closed by tobiatesan


23:53 Changeset [1b03df53] by dreammaster
TITANIC: Fix Doorbot animation during starting cutscene


19:09 Ticket #9861 (WME: Oknytt 1.13. Sliders in preferences don't work) created by windlepoons
Into the game settings of Oknytt one can make with the sliders various …
11:56 Changeset [78b2a760] by hpvb
TSAGE: remove accidentally added file Commit aee71314 seems to have …
09:36 Changeset [70092f7f] by waltervn
ADL: Merge hires2 and hires0 classes
03:05 Changeset [db072897] by criezy
I18N: Regenerate translations data file
02:09 Changeset [7264e43] by dreammaster
TITANIC: Add titanic.dat to engine-data
01:17 Changeset [1766f9e8] by dreammaster
TITANIC: Return long stick to inventory after hitting bomb glass with it
00:48 Changeset [680b6686] by dreammaster
VIDEO: Fix transparency track seeking in AVIDecoder
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