23:00 Ticket #8198 (Music Support for Beneath a steel sky) closed by joostp
20:58 Changeset [8368422] by Joost Peters <joostp@…>
Applied patch #725152 - Sky Music driver by LavosSpawn svn-id: r7069
18:30 Ticket #8198 (Music Support for Beneath a steel sky) created by lavosspawn
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15:42 Changeset [93e28c81] by aquadran
added two next v2 opcodes svn-id: r7068
15:28 Changeset [1a6d58f2] by aquadran
ops svn-id: r7067
15:26 Changeset [72b36381] by Joost Peters <joostp@…>
fixed compiler warning svn-id: r7066
15:25 Changeset [d836216a] by aquadran
added o2_ifClassOfIs opcode svn-id: r7065
14:59 Changeset [be607289] by aquadran
added partialy o2_doSentence opcode svn-id: r7064
14:50 Changeset [3fe8f939] by James Brown <ender@…>
Another half-assed stub, this time for o2_printEgo svn-id: r7063
14:20 Changeset [a6bd9274] by aquadran
added o2_resourceRoutines opcode svn-id: r7062
14:12 Changeset [6a28523c] by Joost Peters <joostp@…>
added detection for v0.0303 svn-id: r7061
14:09 Changeset [835982c] by aquadran
More V2 opcode work svn-id: r7060
14:06 Changeset [04686c9] by Joost Peters <joostp@…>
added text decoder for v0.0303 svn-id: r7059
13:19 Changeset [4a831b12] by aquadran
arrgh (revert) svn-id: r7058
13:10 Changeset [48ad5199] by aquadran
fixes for v3 broken by v2 svn-id: r7057
12:59 Changeset [d7c0a9b6] by aquadran
some next changes svn-id: r7056
12:31 Changeset [cd723f9a] by aquadran
added o2_drawObject opcode svn-id: r7055
11:54 Changeset [65b72413] by aquadran
added some v2 vars svn-id: r7054
11:19 Changeset [d9adc5d7] by aquadran
changes for v2 resources svn-id: r7053
10:20 Changeset [d7deee50] by aquadran
some changes in v2 variables svn-id: r7052
10:09 Changeset [39aa43dc] by Nicolas Bacca <arisme@…>
Fix option dialogs for WinCE svn-id: r7051
09:03 Changeset [256d4c0e] by aquadran
added opcode for setting actor color palette in o2_actorSet() svn-id: …
08:50 Changeset [a8092789] by aquadran
fixed object flags, it's right shifted half byte svn-id: r7049
00:44 Changeset [5cc5af05] by Jonathan Gray <khalek@…>
add readFile stub svn-id: r7048
00:22 Changeset [7037ed31] by Jonathan Gray <khalek@…>
opcode bd is stopObjectCode in the humongous games svn-id: r7047


22:01 Changeset [5a74c80d] by Joost Peters <joostp@…>
added detection for v0.0331 svn-id: r7046
21:56 Changeset [be491507] by Joost Peters <joostp@…>
added v0.0331 text decoder svn-id: r7045
21:50 Changeset [54c95e80] by Joost Peters <joostp@…>
changed casts to make more sense svn-id: r7044
21:42 Changeset [751561d] by James Brown <ender@…>
Bumpidity svn-id: r7043
21:09 Changeset [7dd0bda6] by aquadran
fixed building object tables (now I understand) svn-id: r7042
20:58 Changeset [91a2595] by aquadran
added loading global objects states for v2 svn-id: r7041
18:21 Ticket #739 (FOA: Indy can be seen when hidden) created by SF/jellby
[…] […]
17:18 Changeset [6e3bafd6] by James Brown <ender@…>
Oops, missed a variable read in o2_actorSet svn-id: r7040
17:11 Changeset [fe0fc72e] by James Brown <ender@…>
Pedantic stats-boosting typo fix :) svn-id: r7039
17:07 Changeset [b5b62527] by James Brown <ender@…>
Better o2_actorSet stuff svn-id: r7038
16:59 Changeset [4182b359] by James Brown <ender@…>
o2_actorSet stubs svn-id: r7037
16:46 Changeset [47114e1d] by James Brown <ender@…>
V2 only reads one byte for variable number svn-id: r7036
16:37 Changeset [5f1e964b] by James Brown <ender@…>
V1/V2 charsets are internal, so we have no load function (yet) …
16:32 Changeset [7acad3a0] by aquadran
next two missed opcodes, ah :) svn-id: r7034
16:25 Changeset [79189f2e] by James Brown <ender@…>
Dump Scumm error() to debugger svn-id: r7033
16:22 Changeset [ce6859d6] by aquadran
fixed warnings under VC6 svn-id: r7032
16:17 Changeset [3b32494] by aquadran
forgot it svn-id: r7031
16:04 Changeset [4d54595] by aquadran
added initial v2 opcode table svn-id: r7030
15:51 Changeset [c8f51b35] by Joost Peters <joostp@…>
added text rendering svn-id: r7029
15:02 Changeset [4c6676d3] by Jonathan Gray <khalek@…>
add opcode e4 stub that I meant to add some time ago svn-id: r7028
14:28 Changeset [90dd401e] by Jonathan Gray <khalek@…>
work around strange problem that breaks fbpack when _showStack is a …
11:17 Changeset [303a48db] by Jonathan Gray <khalek@…>
case 131 of verbOps pops in the humongous games svn-id: r7026
08:04 Changeset [f1353701] by Jonathan Gray <khalek@…>
add stack tracing option to debugger svn-id: r7025
06:55 Changeset [c597d0d4] by Jonathan Gray <khalek@…>
add script hex dumping option to debugger svn-id: r7024
02:08 Ticket #738 (ZAK256: Walkbox locking bug) created by SF/ender
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00:56 Changeset [1d01a68c] by Jonathan Gray <khalek@…>
close bundle files when changing discs in comi svn-id: r7023


14:43 Changeset [d805b0bb] by aquadran
fix for pass (revert changes) svn-id: r7022
14:23 Changeset [2a1e87fa] by Jamieson Christian <jamieson630@…>
Revised fix to bug [666187] DOTT: Coffee music never stops svn-id: r7021
06:37 Changeset [4ca9454f] by aquadran
ignorePakCols, should be used for ega games, why not for amiga? i …


21:10 Changeset [d0e9fef9] by aquadran
some changes for indy ega svn-id: r7019
20:47 Changeset [ad7bc9b2] by aquadran
fixed stupid bug svn-id: r7018
20:16 Changeset [3efe16ff] by aquadran
loom ega: build custom cursor, op_wait() has more then one …
14:38 Changeset [20e22e6f] by Jamieson Christian <jamieson630@…>
Fix for bug [666187] DOTT: Coffee music never stops svn-id: r7016
01:20 Ticket #8197 (SDL/GL with SDL scalers) closed by Kirben
01:19 Changeset [1d1e1112] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Add patch #723308 - SDL/GL with SDL scalers svn-id: r7015


18:56 Ticket #8197 (SDL/GL with SDL scalers) created by SF/luke_br
[…] […]
10:25 Ticket #736 (SAM: No talking after the credits at the beginning) closed by eriktorbjorn


07:11 Changeset [dc64134a] by aquadran
fixed actor palette for nonblocked games svn-id: r7014
06:42 Changeset [9b739fcf] by aquadran
a little fix for costumes, still wrong svn-id: r7013
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