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MM: Ed walks in place during cutscene

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During the cutscene where Ed and Edna talk (the "YEAH, SO!" cutscene), Ed is walking in place during the entire scene. Have not reproduced this bug, as the trigger for the cutscene is a timer (I think), and I had no savegame from a reasonably short time before the cutscene occurs.

My setup: Scummvm0.5.0-pre, daily win32 snapshot, 11 Jul 2003 Win98

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comment:1 by SF/hibernatus, 21 years ago

Ctrl-G to avoid waiting :) I saw the same kind of bug in zak256 i think, when you enter the cave in seattle (right after digging). That can be reached pretty quickly: use wallpaper on cashcard, take knife, use knife on bus, use tree branch on squirrel and use tree branch on dirt.

comment:2 by fingolfin, 21 years ago

Well, if you could at least provide a savegame from which one just has to wait for the cutscene to occur, that would be a tremendous help in debugging this. Thanks!

Hibernatus, well you left out several steps of course... :-) BUt anyway, so I use the tree branch on dirt, we get a short fade... then Zak tells me that this was a lot of work. Done. No problems for me. Where do you get a "walk-on-spot" bug, exactly?

comment:3 by fingolfin, 21 years ago

Priority: normallow
Summary: MM(V2) Ed walks in place during cutsceneMM: Ed walks in place during cutscene

comment:4 by SF/wishbone, 21 years ago

fingolfin, I'm sorry I didn't attach a savegame, but I explained why. I didn't really anticipate this bug, so how should I have been able to make a savegame just before it happened?

Incidentally, I think scummvm creates an autosave every 5 minutes or so, but I didn't know that at the time, otherwise I would have saved that. I'm relatively new to scummvm you see, so I don't know all the features yet. As it is, I did the best I could. I may try to reproduce it one of these days, even though that will take a couple of hours.

comment:5 by fingolfin, 21 years ago

Wishbone, don't worry, I understand why you didn't attach a save game... I just thought that maybe you have one from before the cutscene, even if it's e.g. 10 minutes before it, so that one doesn't have to play till the point. Since I never really played MM myself, I am not so familiar with how to get to a specific cutscene from the start. So, what I meant was not "you evil wishbone, you should have attached a proper savegame" but rather "hey wishbone, maybe you have at least a savegame from which one can play in a reasonable time till the point where the cutscene occurs" :-)

comment:6 by SF/hibernatus, 21 years ago

I've just realized I forgot to say you had to enter the cave before Zak complains. So: use branch on dirt, skip cutscene, quickly walk to cave entrance. Anyway, there's an easier way to see that kind of bug in Zak v1, v2 and v3: get your cashcard and go to Lou's Loans, then try to sell something without going to the sell window. Lou should start dancing after saying "Ya gotta go to the Sell window.".

comment:7 by SF/darkshineknight, 21 years ago

Hi, I have seen with the ScummVM Win32 Daily Build on 23/07/03 that Ed did NOT walk on the spot, he was standing still. I think that this bug has been solved (however it was, I don't think anyone actually set out to stop it), and that it can be closed.

comment:8 by fingolfin, 21 years ago

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