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SCUMM: fix builtin load game screen for v1-v5

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The "0xC0" case for o5_saveLoadGame currently fails to work correctly, appending the standard savegame extension to an uninitialized string and attempting to locate the filename. This results in numerous "FSNode::openForReading: FSNode does not exist" warnings when attempting to open the game's Load screen.

@@ -1259,13 +1259,14 @@ case 0xC0: // test if save exists + { Common::InSaveFile *file; bool avail_saves[100]; - char filename[256];

listSavegames(avail_saves, ARRAYSIZE(avail_saves)); - makeSavegameName(filename, slot, false); + Common::String filename = makeSavegameName(slot, false); - if (avail_saves[slot] && (file = _saveFileMan->openForLoading(filename))) { + if (avail_saves[slot] && (file = _saveFileMan->openForLoading(filename.c_str()))) { result = 6; // save file exists delete file; } else result = 7; // save file does not exist + } break;

The extra curly braces were needed to get rid of a compiler error (error C2361: initialization of 'filename' is skipped by 'default' label) in MSVC71; alternatively, filename could be declared at the top of the function and initialized with an empty string.

With this change, the builtin Load screens for Maniac Mansion (classic/enhanced), Zak McKracken (classic/enhanced), Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (ega/vga), and Loom (ega) all work correctly.

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