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WME: 5MA - music doesn't loop properly

Reported by: misterhands Owned by: somaen
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Using a recent win32 build (Kirben) 5 Magical Amulets

Music does not loop properly: when it loops, the beginning of the tune (4-5s) can be heard twice. It is seamless in the original. The trick is, the music files that loop have a bit of the beginning appended at the end for some reason. The original skips it, ScummVM doesn't.

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comment:1 by somaen, 10 years ago

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comment:2 by somaen, 10 years ago

In general, supply more than just "recent win32 build (Kirben)" when reporting bugs, the version number is available in the launcher. While it is ok in these cases (WME hasn't seen any large changes to the relevant bits of code for a while), it gets tricky when looking back at bugs later, as then we have to work by date, and trying to figure out what was recent at that date. That said, thanks for the bug report.

comment:3 by SF/tobiatesan, 10 years ago

I can reproduce this. I'm having a look.

comment:4 by SF/tobiatesan, 10 years ago

With any luck, I might have fixed this in

comment:5 by SF/tobiatesan, 10 years ago

By the way - there is a very good reason why the files have a bit of the beginning appended to the end. If you just looped from the end to the start (sans the extra bit) you would hear the last note ending abruptly - if not its tail, you'd hear its /reverberation/ ending abruptly.

That's why when they cut classical music or jazz - or anything that relies on natural room ambiance (as opposed to soundproofed booths and digital reverberation and delay), they always play the previous couple bars before doing a punch-in (or well, splicing in a whole section): to get the natural decay and room reverberation.

comment:6 by misterhands, 10 years ago

Looping is now silky smooth. Thanks for the fix and explanation Tobia :)

comment:7 by SF/tobiatesan, 10 years ago

We can close this, right?

comment:8 by misterhands, 10 years ago

Yes you can.

comment:9 by somaen, 10 years ago

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