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SCI: LB2 DOS Floppy MD5

Reported by: misterhands Owned by: m-kiewitz
Priority: normal Component: Engine: SCI
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Cc: Game: Laura Bow 2: The Dagger of Amon-Ra


LB2 DOS Floppy English Interpreter version 2.000.274 Game version 1.1

{"", 0, "3b6dfbcda210bbc3f23fd1927113bf98", 6483}, {"resource.000", 0, "57084910bc923bff5d6d9bc1b56e9604", 5028766}, {"resource.msg", 0, "d1755fc4f41b5210febc9410503c6a29", 278354},

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comment:1 by digitall, 10 years ago

We do have this version listed in the wiki:

The detection table entry is very similar, but not identical:

Could you try recopying from the original floppies and see if this is a bad copy?

Also, could you attach file md5sums for your datafiles so we can compare them to the known versions as you may have a later variant version? If you could also attach a photo of the disk label showing the various information there that would also be useful. Thanks.

comment:2 by misterhands, 10 years ago

The entry @ line 1747 is for version 1.0.

This is version 1.1, a second release probably done for bug fixes. Release date is 7.14.92, no other info on the label.

Full MD5 of the installed game files: ee999c9f9bfabba0557da4a3fc6b1c10 310.HEP 5ef02836d5b629ce2c19433609081544 310.SCR e94cbfd2b845ceb35f48402b191be5b0 740.HEP 5a7994bc93b52d41d7c5b7779d3aa44c 740.SCR b62d1a13a8ad5f9de44949c0121819dd 999.FON 74df836f5bd864e48a4241a7a1d11bd5 ADL.DRV 11a24451306d076951266b5434be410a AUDBLAST.DRV 815ff038142404e6a881a8f4b7c82758 AUDDISNY.DRV 9a6618c7b09abf54176c51541d089347 AUDNONE.DRV 4e36a0ff950d5706b02cc0d755b80941 AUDPRO.DRV efebafb4c679a7586d0b5bce59b3fdee AUDPS1.DRV 47507b9ded1f4090d769d39db2d78ed0 AUDTANDY.DRV 38a7f0d02e38aa427b11858a75657485 CMS.DRV 7996181bd1fa9e8463acba7ef45b2b6d EGA640.DRV c20aac86b729e51980737033020ecb6f GENMIDI.DRV c85f0400af5f5026d1c7b262622ecdf5 IBMKBD.DRV aec6877788054d30f6cef198483f1fa7 IBMPS1.DRV d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e INSTALL.ERR e749db4921276b26f7f07cfaa0839bc0 INSTALL.EXE ce6a1d880dedb794009af1790a0f9134 INSTALL.HLP 08fd2bccc597be19e5cddcbc55158de7 INSTALL.SCR 95303634ea0320befb5e85fdc9032ae6 INSTALL.TXT fa624cc2062d11590bda8bd4354315e6 INTERP.ERR c75b73974160ff652a909a0d01f97214 JOYSTICK.DRV 1127a380bc0aa96d28aabc37157d6266 MESSAGE.MAP b4cf2b9f8d1ef8dc623fda6ecf9b629c MT32.DRV a1f537e9c11c4e242abc8348bbb3a10c RA.BAT 7188c78a61a87caa322af561b3d9952e RESOURCE.000 ba89c724edfcb7bf7704ea7dbe697bde RESOURCE.AUD 033c893d29f64f8cc36913c1d75634de RESOURCE.CFG ffcc8335e9de50293d0b6a263a830752 RESOURCE.MAP e3af7716fcb39a27c37a088c8d96794a RESOURCE.MSG e25197f2191538d58791056cc55e06e3 SCIDHUV.EXE 1a8ab3ea4d9d3d1fa053d7fd8201c23e SIERRA.BAT 440e21abb5e32bd34cfc37296d901075 STD.DRV b74d9234485643bb9808782b2f1b6462 TANDY3V.DRV 52ba98622d57499f7119bf5d5567a840 VERSION e19d9a4e78d65e66689de9a38bf23f79 VGA320.DRV 19b0952dd361e349ba04e8bc1ea71a58 *VGA320BW.DRV

comment:3 by m-kiewitz, 10 years ago

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comment:4 by m-kiewitz, 10 years ago

just added, commit d42317b

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