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SCI: Spanish KQ5 VGA v0.000.162 Not Detected

Reported by: SF/dianiu Owned by: digitall
Priority: normal Component: Engine: SCI
Version: Keywords: detection
Cc: Game: King's Quest 5


Here are the checksums: {"resource.002", 0, "d9cd5972016f650cc31fb7c2a2b0953a", 1102207}, {"resource.003", 0, "829c8caeff793f3cfcea2cb01aaa4150", 965586}, {"resource.000", 0, "1f1d03aead44da46362ff40c0074a3ec", 335871}, {"resource.001", 0, "d1803ad904127ae091edb274ee8c047f", 1180637}, {"", 0, "c09896a2a30c9b002c5cbbc62f5a5c3a", 8169}, {"resource.007", 0, "f42b0100f0a1c30806814f8648b6bc28", 1145583}, {"resource.004", 0, "0bd9e570ee04b025e43d3075998fae5b", 1117965}, {"resource.005", 0, "4aaa2e9a69089b9afbaaccbbf2c4e647", 1202936}, {"resource.006", 0, "65b520e60c4217e6a6572d9edf77193b", 1141985},

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comment:1 by SF/dianiu, 8 years ago

Component: Engine: SCI
Game: King's Quest 5
Keywords: detection added

comment:2 by digitall, 8 years ago

dianiu: Thank you for the bug report. To ensure that we can exactly identify this version, could you please attach a text file to this bug containing a file listing of your Spanish KQ5 VGA v0.000.162 datafiles along with file md5sums. The output of a tool such as would be optimal.

Also, could you indicate if this is a 3.5 or 5.25 floppy version and provide the INT version string from the disk label.

comment:3 by digitall, 8 years ago

Summary: MD5 Checksum for Spanish KQ5 VGA v0.000.162SCI: Spanish KQ5 VGA v0.000.162 Not Detected

comment:4 by SF/dianiu, 8 years ago

It's a 3.5 floppy version. Here is a file listing with file md5sums:

a793e4a97e91e44db7b85c395698a75f *ADL.DRV 38a7f0d02e38aa427b11858a75657485 *CMS.DRV ce095142a4b231a0e5d2e4662b6ea829 *IBMKBD.DRV d0ed61a57384da298b3996363c1b0fe1 *IBMPS1.DRV 50921d652dd74c87833d0e36d03c2d5a *INSTALL.EXE b917c4772249e88f50a3f55260b9778e *INSTALL.HLP f92afdbbecd1b1ddfae6773ec89c0dc6 *INSTALL.TXT 416a6868ce49f5121b40115fdff09e39 *INTERP.TXT c75b73974160ff652a909a0d01f97214 *JOYSTICK.DRV 077a2177b0c46a3dc367d57015b03a56 *KQ5.BAT ff31a3a4fe6aaf06866c47e2c64ceee5 *MT32.DRV 70a8124abd24cafc967497cb8e5a3284 *RESOURCE.000 1c2a2cbb5e6044ecee01339fd9f67dff *RESOURCE.001 5f067f1a92affe860c64d7d3d0626bbc *RESOURCE.002 ea7ac81ea5d47d55290a48b46eb7ff0c *RESOURCE.003 8b9bbd1a5c2299009274719c38b85c2a *RESOURCE.004 ed4126c07c1df3be2a70d2e0f9ba2e07 *RESOURCE.005 42f3051d6c16df3934a819a29f4f1785 *RESOURCE.006 e6949fe4dd7f5865ffc780d41989afb0 *RESOURCE.007 23fd7612fc207ce8dfd2a42ea2597571 *RESOURCE.008 eba44fadaa49a9cc296452c188d3911c *RESOURCE.CFG 97b5155c92c03db70a965160f3489c18 *RESOURCE.MAP 6efd37fb9b4a595e1477b67e0f5d1de0 *SIERRA.EXE 6d68c102387c48c864eabb88f4133d5d *SNDBLAST.DRV 440e21abb5e32bd34cfc37296d901075 *STD.DRV b74d9234485643bb9808782b2f1b6462 *TANDY3V.DRV a1e155b930651e6bab8304b7492736ab *TANDY3VD.DRV ab215ad147e760c861e1af3675354185 *TANDYKBD.DRV 63af5004b8916aae1cba4f2c1e604f5d *VERSION a20bc0b69ad2d3f04d9fab76f741b249 *VGA320.DRV ed4c40263f1314548f71a3714cb3610a *VGA320BW.DRV

comment:5 by digitall, 8 years ago

dianiu: Thank you. This should be sufficient, but could you indicate how many disks and provide the INT version string from the disk label please...

comment:6 by SF/dianiu, 8 years ago

I'm sorry but I don't know what is the INT version string. This version has 5 disks.

comment:7 by digitall, 8 years ago

dianiu: The INT string should be on the front of the Floppies:,43071/

Hmm... This is probably the Erbe Software SA. Spanish release, but this is tricky as the SCI engine evolved significantly, so knowing the interpreter internal version is needed to be sure that this will work without crashing...

If you could: 1. Describe your disks appearance or attach a JPG scan of the disk label as this may be encoded on the front in a different way? 2. Try running "strings" tool on your SIERRA.EXE looking for dates or internal version strings...:

by SF/dianiu, 8 years ago

Attachment: kq5.jpg added

comment:8 by SF/dianiu, 8 years ago

I uploaded a JPG scan of the disk label. I hope it is enough.

comment:9 by digitall, 8 years ago

Owner: set to digitall

comment:10 by digitall, 8 years ago

dianiu: Have added detection entry in commit 2d1a63c9305db01049ac0642169ac995442e77f8.

Please test with the next nightly build to see if this is detected and runs correctly and report the results here:

It should be noted that the information you have given me for version numbers indicates an EGA version, rather than VGA, but based on the number of resource files, I have assumed that this is a dual Spanish/English VGA version. If these are incorrect, it will probably fail to run correctly, so please confirm if this is the case. Providing the internal version strings from the interpreter and values from VERSION file would also help clarify this.

Apart from this, even if this is correctly detected and runs as per the original interpreter under DOSBox, it will need you to play through the game as any script error or bugs will likely cause the ScummVM SCI engine to error() out. We will then need to assess how to fix the detected script errors.

comment:11 by digitall, 8 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: newpending

comment:12 by SF/dianiu, 8 years ago

Status: pendingnew

comment:13 by SF/dianiu, 8 years ago

It works fine. Thank you.

comment:14 by digitall, 8 years ago

Status: newclosed
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