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SCUMM: FT glitches in Vulture encounter on old mine road

Reported by: eriktorbjorn Owned by: sev-
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English version of the game Current development version of ScummVM

For a nearby savegame, see bug #3536645 - SCUMM: FT Missing Dialogue Line

For a DOSBox rendition of the scene, see at about 08:10

It was pointed out on the forum that when you encounter the Vulture with the "pre-regulation, destroyed-class, solid-fuel recoil booster", the sound effect when the booster is activated is missing.

And while this may be a completely separate bug, I also noticed that in that clip, the Vulture is going pretty much straight ahead all the time. In ScummVM, he starts weaving from side to side as soon as Ben starts talking. I don't know if this is standard fighting behaviour, or if it's a general bug in opponent movement.

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comment:1 by eriktorbjorn, 12 years ago

Component: Engine: CineEngine: SCUMM
Game: Future WarsFull Throttle

comment:2 by eriktorbjorn, 12 years ago

I could be wrong, but it seems like cases 93-95 (probably case 94) in actor12Reaction() are responsible for setting up the booster animation. Perhaps they're also responsible for the sound effect, or maybe it's part of the animation itself. (I couldn't see that any AKOS sound opcodes were processed, but there's a lot of unknown terrain here...)

comment:3 by eriktorbjorn, 12 years ago

Since part of this is about the driving behaviour of the Vulture, as a tangential remark I saw a post in the Double Fine Adventure backer forums saying that the biker fights seem harder in ScummVM than he remembers them. He wrote that "For some reason the opponents mirror your moves and try to hold the same distance to you, so you have to push them all way way to the side", and that when he played the game way back "I fought them in the middle of the screen and then retreated to my side before they hit me back".

I did post a reply explaining about the biker fights being hard-coded and quite a bit of code, and that bug reports would be welcome, but in case he doesn't post one I just thought I'd make a quick note about it here.

comment:4 by eriktorbjorn, 12 years ago

About my last comment, see bug #3575444 - FT: Enemy behaviour in biker fight.

comment:5 by sev-, 11 years ago

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comment:6 by sev-, 11 years ago

Fixed in master.

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