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DREAMWEB: Incorrect Charset in Italian Version

Reported by: SF/aculotarpa Owned by: wjp
Priority: normal Component: Engine: Dreamweb
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Game: Dreamweb


The Italian Version of the Game has the wrong charset for accented characters

The è is mismatched with a filled box
The à is mismatched with â
The ò is mismatched with : (or with ¦ , I can't say)
The ì is mismatched with 2

I haven't found any ù yet, but probably it's mismatched as well

ScummVM 1.5.0git2913-g8d157ae (May 3 2012 04:37:13)
Features compiled in: TAINTED Vorbis FLAC MP3 SEQ TiMidity RGB zLib

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Dosbox with è
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ScummVM with Filled box
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Dosbox with à
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ScummVM with â

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Dosbox with è

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ScummVM with Filled box

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Dosbox with à

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ScummVM with â

comment:1 Changed 7 years ago by SF/aculotarpa

I forgot to say the game works correctly in Dosbox

comment:2 Changed 7 years ago by digitall

Summary: Dreamweb ITA wrong charsetDREAMWEB: Incorrect Charset in Italian Version

comment:3 Changed 7 years ago by digitall

aculotarpa: Thank you for the bug report. To progress this, could you provide the following information:
1. What Operating System are you using?
2. Can you please attach a file listing of your Dreamweb Italian Floppy datafiles with file MD5 checksums?
The output of a tool such as would be optimal.

If I read the code correctly, there are three charset files in Dreamweb called DREAMWEB.C00, C01 and C02, so this is probably a minor variation in the loading code for these when foreignRelease is set or similar, which has failed to be transferred from the original ASM.

The attached screenshots show incorrect characters in the description output which should be mapped via the normal charset1, which is C00. C01/2 are used for the Monitor/Folder output when using network terminals such as in Ryan's Apartment.

aculotarpa: If you have some time, could you check the monitor output to see if they also exhibit issues or are correct...

comment:4 Changed 7 years ago by SF/aculotarpa

At first look the terminal doesn't show any accented character word, but I'm unable to type any of them via the keyboard: when I type à è é ì ò ù simply doesn't happens anything. The exact same thing happens in Dosbox too, so I could assume the accented inputs in terminal earen't planned at all.

I'm on Mac OS X 10.7.3
The MD5 Ash is

;Created with MD5 by Eternal Storms Software
d0ca5c2ff2a0e2e8c795a52b844d9727 - DREAMWEB.C00
988819a72541b43b7fadc599a8b54b66 - DREAMWEB.C01
30b8140288d69ee1530f20f868688820 - DREAMWEB.C02
1335bcdc10f3f08d8f64f1522bb4b4a3 - DREAMWEB.D00
89ea8baeaeccf88df415e23c5cbdd59a - DREAMWEB.EXE
6bd9bae76d5e96adaef28e08df0899a4 - DREAMWEB.G00
c1c5df0b73a0a3384443017856c46a25 - DREAMWEB.G01
1c8fad687016e1e0276133f52bd5855c - DREAMWEB.G02
07c3d4fadd17648f2f244363d49feefa - DREAMWEB.G03
fc80692ec39cabae55ecb680337a3d32 - DREAMWEB.G04
a6c23383c64e0f7a506fd39ad2543aa7 - DREAMWEB.G05
704c25505cc8cf694747c895bb490feb - DREAMWEB.G06
85cfd5e030d88cd19e3f484a76924b2e - DREAMWEB.G07
bb7bb6f4ee599a0f574309d7947a472b - DREAMWEB.G08
b6e0e65ea5a3631ea884c873b99d9736 - DREAMWEB.G09
220168ca0e6dcd82c17a27510a69ee35 - DREAMWEB.G10
7b585e92e0647aa6e4285d07f7b71112 - DREAMWEB.G11
5b1c284d1376db1844a52fcd9f5d38f8 - DREAMWEB.G12
3a404e9e54c1934168ca30cd26756c14 - DREAMWEB.G13
36c70c959592930cb48ada126619ce2a - DREAMWEB.G14
a49ae64ba5aa24b83b17835b4276270e - DREAMWEB.G15
8324052cf13ae821042f1991c4bdc349 - DREAMWEB.I00
abd0e8f5ed3fc9f8cb4a1d4c7c44c232 - DREAMWEB.I01
3d2345ff6917758c3656a0e21e6f1a2d - DREAMWEB.I02
d7ea6adea726d8ab711366c1f50a01e4 - DREAMWEB.I03
2038eaacf2d4b790d32cebe073a47679 - DREAMWEB.I04
14939b43b1198ed19be3d38eaa8c229a - DREAMWEB.I05
cebeefe55335e527534b20007245ae33 - DREAMWEB.I06
8535489d90a89bff9d7fe10e7677e657 - DREAMWEB.PAL
6ac3dab7921f6f3f84d2127590811f8e - Dreamweb.r00
47689d03c6edc01f307dd50356959714 - DREAMWEB.R01
91657a82e3fba3771ae22e4153de3c69 - DREAMWEB.R02
6b10d314a26d02db8c13ffa70df81509 - DREAMWEB.R03
a2586e69d02c8e5d0e0db76c084da692 - DREAMWEB.R04
c83c08da65cca06fa62d1fce3f79400e - DREAMWEB.R05
dd74b678b1b4a0ed0363f7940aa4e751 - DREAMWEB.R06
76ef93e58f8260a28c252d83899f3f1b - DREAMWEB.R07
198d5e53beb7449e11cd477de302582c - DREAMWEB.R08
2f2083c7a6b0dca96da81bc7a98e1610 - DREAMWEB.R09
4d492de5faf8d60e76d76168e89b7cec - DREAMWEB.R10
c6bf36d5e888626c6e9081eae0773755 - DREAMWEB.R11
58115f0718029db5447106f60ec968d1 - DREAMWEB.R12
d855452ffe185e7a0d897d1381277756 - DREAMWEB.R13
49c168bb45cae8fc78d4a1bbb179db8a - DREAMWEB.R14
7fcc7557ee239b2bb029e98364500b3b - DREAMWEB.R19
4f40c179746d7ce121b02c267821ff98 - DREAMWEB.R20
6d78401d7d60b1bfc4c175914f7c01f8 - DREAMWEB.R21
9a7f07c5fc55f45817a9e92c9c951a35 - DREAMWEB.R22
a3e1b339c3f525554523112fd3d2a972 - DREAMWEB.R23
d9640d7c15b8e5c52a2a379a57adcd44 - DREAMWEB.R24
cd5ca291a957fd6a17e85fc9a0c3f58f - DREAMWEB.R25
2c214816c757b9041adc6687dca0b1a8 - DREAMWEB.R26
e8c9843bf692d9529cd66dbfdff68171 - DREAMWEB.R27
5bf4f890a5bb6e3f32fc9357f1d5eecb - DREAMWEB.R28
bcbdfadee4456a783debde3ae78c51ee - DREAMWEB.R29
bccef5e08f00af10b23a8ddfdee242d1 - DREAMWEB.R45
f1d821c80f0286b006d816b4658ecd34 - DREAMWEB.R46
065e93f528614e7d8432ef080979dbc1 - DREAMWEB.R47
bf0f565fd30c78c1c354066a807db15b - DREAMWEB.R50
f878cc809763c31302efb85ca9838a2f - DREAMWEB.R52
eda75d3cd4ffd884d63b4cf4ce1f40f6 - DREAMWEB.R53
de9b2ebf39dbec10c7d0df1d3439dc01 - DREAMWEB.R54
e553bfc0be0e91a8728f521960b89aa2 - DREAMWEB.R55
6ddd8ebe18109cafc567e53eac4c7e5f - DREAMWEB.S00
829548ba0ccb52b65c8a995291e9876f - DREAMWEB.S02
011efec74c0dd871b08d70ef47ae1221 - DREAMWEB.SSN
658c15bf320588d49d5ed2e467b91e2c - DREAMWEB.T01
9c9b5c63fad4590fba19532f1ca0c7b1 - DREAMWEB.T02
a85edc9553059a30490ab05143066d0d - DREAMWEB.T10
81fd42be17e9229237bc0a875daa6c9d - DREAMWEB.T11
7cc0bbd95009c13bf0d8cbc8ef88b3cf - DREAMWEB.T12
e57612c29b08e67124d6e161a88b60f3 - DREAMWEB.T13
adbcb83451b64de1a51b022c2be54754 - DREAMWEB.T20
8dc2807108de1b80030f3ba901873f81 - DREAMWEB.T21
5494d46807e41386944f15b4a2d6c3fc - DREAMWEB.T22
0d120004d363379bf43ba08d84905738 - DREAMWEB.T23
d9e8be316e4cfea68e389096758d3b35 - DREAMWEB.T24
91c3a5e58f8477512903d2b85c32c9bf - DREAMWEB.T50
9a97f7416975b8afa43f3d99c5ca51cd - DREAMWEB.T51
510d882a5c7f48fd1035eda460af15a9 - DREAMWEB.T80
e0930144bfd64d6fe7f0586ad5fa6678 - DREAMWEB.T81
c239306afb6711f978aa5d983a298037 - DREAMWEB.T82
94f893fa341197c322c29e92324adaee - DREAMWEB.T83
8e45b4a3ddce8b1de82a3a760dcd033c - DREAMWEB.T84
b4c710822f99d853b7e5d39c56e1f4eb - DREAMWEB.V01
18fbb58f8621ee93b4045556cad447c6 - DREAMWEB.V02
eb54fd538ed92366a2b4d3f7d7207152 - DREAMWEB.V05
4f9be19f732d283ebf2607d1dc4a3b75 - DREAMWEB.V06
5c3fa954d72960fa4a3cd4fba123b846 - DREAMWEB.V08
065f62c44334a4567d4fc2945e599127 - DREAMWEB.V09
3fd8d3f6d987f4adc52c61a5bb0b7f1c - DREAMWEB.V10
d99e57fed7da3d537f0f27cc2dd515dd - DREAMWEB.V11
dbd821aef07424a4fa48824cc4efb6da - DREAMWEB.V12
616be56aab0dd2c44678f6479568ad59 - DREAMWEB.V14
1025da2c519a98d87a7fc32eaca896e5 - DREAMWEB.V19
efec0fedbc58806e4f6c6124b25caa1b - DREAMWEB.V22
98dc74757da8653a708bd469c3350851 - DREAMWEB.V23
2c846c320657aa255918c67ebe1b2b2e - DREAMWEB.V30
4131f6d4121b0781e99c370467191a25 - DREAMWEB.V33
80d730a1f044e894ec1d8d3d92ce64a2 - DREAMWEB.V34
c2a2ed499c965ba5e541800d984c229d - DREAMWEB.V35
a9c20b10066ebccf65f77af56b579d1e - DREAMWEB.V99
44f27ec12293257eee63f1b69db6a883 - DREAMWEB.VOL

comment:5 Changed 7 years ago by wjp

modifyChar is likely the culprit. It has no code for the Italian version.

comment:6 Changed 7 years ago by digitall

wjp: I thought that this is only Foreign vs. English release. Both the English CD and Floppy releases I have have the following MD5sums for the character set files... Would be interesting to see if the German release has the same MD5sums as the Italian i.e. if this is a general EU release:
f603e68793cec0df96520b071720184c *DREAMWEB.C00
5eb565a0b61d5db97fae1fe5c05a2e03 *DREAMWEB.C01
c32ac379ed80ed1934901105b15d5256 *DREAMWEB.C02

comment:7 Changed 7 years ago by SF/aculotarpa

Here are old Bug-Tracks about the spanish floppy and spanish/french CD MD5
Here there is the german CD MD5
And here a charset (I suppose) problem with german CD

comment:8 Changed 7 years ago by wjp

Owner: set to wjp
Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

comment:9 Changed 7 years ago by wjp

This should now be fixed in git by 5a1f458bd08313e3ae278a9933ef9391ec5f122c . Thanks for the report, and please let us know if this indeed fixes things for you.

comment:10 Changed 7 years ago by digitall

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Game: Dreamweb
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