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Actors have wrong shapes/paths

Reported by: SF/thorj Owned by: SF/ender
Priority: normal Component: Engine: SCUMM
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Game: Indiana Jones 3


This bug happens with the german 256 color version (VGA)
of Indy3 "The Last Crusade" that is sold as the
"Adventure Pack"
here in germany; please reply if you need the CD to

After the intro, when Indy talks to Marcus, the shape
of Indy is wrong. While talking, the head vanishes and
Indy lies on the floor similar to his position in the
entry scene when falling thru the roof of the carriage
of the train. Then, he slides - still lying on the
ground - into the gym.

Later in the game, the movements of other actors are
wrong as well. When Indy talks to Donovan, Donovan
"moves on a point" and does not walk towards Indy.

No active bug report concerning this problem seems to
be open; I'm using the snapshot
found on



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comment:1 by SF/ender, 17 years ago

Please read the bug reporting guidelines on the Bug Submission page.

Closing, unsupported game version.

comment:2 by SF/ender, 17 years ago

Owner: set to SF/ender
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comment:3 by SF/thorj, 17 years ago

> Please read the bug reporting guidelines on the Bug Submission
> page.
> Closing, unsupported game version.

I do not consider this kind of answer either useful or
specifically friendly of any kind. Could you please be more
specific? Thank you.

We find on the compatibility list of games

> Compatibility
> This page lists the progress of ScummVM as it relates to
individual game > compatibility.

> Please note this list applies to the English versions of
games, we attempt > to test many versions of games, however
there are occasionally
> problems with other languages.

Please note the word "attempt to test" implying that
compatibility to other languages might be of general
interest. The english version of the game (Indy3 VGA) is
listed as supported, though I understand that this does not
imply that the german version is tested or has been found



comment:4 by SF/ender, 17 years ago

Oops, it seems somebody has accidently removed a paragraph from the
Submit Bug page. I've just readded it. Basically:

As listed in the README file, included with ScummVM (please read it :):
Supported Games:
At the moment the following games have been reported to work, and
should be playable to the end:


The following games should load, but are not yet fully playable. Play these at
your own risk, and please do not file bug reports about them. If you want
the latest updates on game compatibility, visit our web site and view the
compatibility chart.

Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade (256) [Game: indy3]
Full Throttle [Game: ft]
Simon the Sorcerer II [Game: simon2dos/simon2win]

.. And further on in the README file:

Reporting Bugs:

Do NOT report bugs on games that are not listed as being completable
above. We -know- those games have bugs.

So basically, NO version of Indy3 is considered 'completable', eg at the
stage we are ready to accept public bug reports on it.

Sorry if it sounded rude, with that short response - but I've just spent
about 15 minutes typing this, which is 15 minutes I could be spending on
coding... So when people don't read the README file, I tend to simply
close their bug reports with that short canned response.

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