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NDS scummvm-a: GUI bigger than Screen

Reported by: SF/brunchero Owned by: agent-q
Priority: normal Component: Engine: SCUMM
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Cc: Game: Monkey Island 1


The scaled Monkey Island graphic is a little bit bigger than the NDS touchscreen, e.g. the bottom text line is missing. That means the newest item in the inventory is quite inaccessable, at least the dialog with the cannibals is not completable. The island map is affected as well, it's hard to guide guybrush close enough to the lower border to make the map switch to the southern screen.

Tested: Monkey Island 1 VGA/Floppy/German. SCUMMVM-A 0.13.1 beta1 by agentq CycloDS v1.53, 4 GByte Sandisk microSDHC

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comment:1 by SF/brunchero, 15 years ago

I just noticed, that the SCUMMVM GUI is affected as well, and Monkey Island 2, Sam and Max. I guess all scummvm-a games.

comment:2 by SF/brunchero, 15 years ago

Summary: NDS: Monkey Island bigger than ScreenNDS: scummvm-a bigger than Screen

comment:3 by SF/brunchero, 15 years ago

Summary: NDS: scummvm-a bigger than ScreenNDS scummvm-a: GUI bigger than Screen

comment:4 by SF/brunchero, 15 years ago

Next guess: A screen height of 200 px is assumed, but the NDS touch screen provides only 192 px.

comment:5 by SF/brunchero, 15 years ago

Now that I know how to use the DS shoulder buttons correctly to scroll the screen, my problem is solved. It does not scroll the SCUMMVM-A GUI, but the buttons there do work anyway.

comment:6 by fingolfin, 15 years ago

Owner: set to agent-q

comment:7 by fingolfin, 15 years ago

Sound to me as if this isn't really a bug, but rather due to a limitation of the hardware platform. Well, although I guess it wouldn't be a problem to run the GUI at a lower res (whatever is native to the NDS).


comment:8 by agent-q, 15 years ago

Did you really think that all build A games were unplayable after 5 major versions of this port?

As you mentioned, the shoulder buttons allow you to scroll the screen up and down. In fact, this is the very first question in the FAQ! (see

In the future, *please* read this before posting a bug or in the forums!

The bottom 8 pixels are missing in the GUI, but this is just a minor graphical inconvenience.

comment:9 by agent-q, 15 years ago

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