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WII/TUCKER: Problem saving/loading inventory

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First thing I will point out is that the build I used is an unofficial build for Nintendo Wii. The build is briijohn's 'scummvm-r36278-usbkeyboard.tar.gz'. A link can be found in the Wii forum. I've completed Bud Tucker on WinXP and Wii recently. This 'bug' concerns the Wii build. With saving and loading on WinXP you do it in-game using the verb 'Open'. With the Wii build I used I can bring up the ScummVM menu in-game with the 'Home' button on the wiimote. Here I can save and load as well. So I have 2 methods of saving and loading. I believe on WinXP you bring this ScummVM menu up with F5 or F6. I can't remember. However if I play Tucker on WinXP I can't bring this ScummVM menu up at all. This leads me to believe that this isn't exactly a bug. Just something not 'ironed out' yet.

Now to the 'bug'. On the Wii I saved my Tucker game using the in-game method with 'Open' and then the PC icon in your inventory. Next time I wanted to play I loaded that save with the ScummVM menu. It loaded OK except all my inventory items had disappeared. I only had the 3 items that you start the game with. 1) PC 2) Map 3) Matches.

Sorry the explanation is so long. I have the English version of the game.

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About the menu: sounds like briijohn mapped the GMM to the home button, thats ctrl+f5 with a recent trunk build.

I can confirm the inventory bug: - save one game without an item (eg the book from the drawer) - pick up the item, save again - load save #1, the item is now in the room _and_ your inventory

- if restarting scummvm (or using RTL), the inventory is not restored

maybe this is an endian issue?

comment:3 by fingolfin, 15 years ago

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Summary: Wii saving/loading inventory problemWII/TUCKER: Problem saving/loading inventory

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cyx, any idea on this one?

comment:5 by fingolfin, 15 years ago

Or maybe joost (assuming it is an endian issue)?

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Sorry, I don't own this game... re-assigning to cyx. If there's a demo and/or you need me to test something specifically on a BE system, let me know.

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comment:10 by cyxx, 15 years ago

should be fixed with svn #38682

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