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WINCE: Hard to move pointer to top edge of screen

Reported by: SF/nulusios Owned by: SF/knakos
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Cc: Game: Beneath a Steel Sky


To reveal the game inventory in BASS, player has to move the pointer on screen using the stylus to the very top of the screen.

This is very very hard to accomplish in the current official build for Windows Mobile. The user has to slowly (and maybe move the stylus even in a "wiping" fashion) go from lower to top row (and even to the left) to reveal the inventory. Very hard to do.

Even a GUI shortcut to "jump" the cursor to the proper position could be the workaround.

I suspect this is a problem also with other adventures that need the user to reach the top pixels of the screen using the pointer.

I use an HTC Touch Pro, where the touch screen is on the same level with the border of the screen, so it should be easy for me to reach the screen top. It is not and I imagine for WM devices where the screen is lower than the screen border, it would be even more difficult.

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comment:1 by SF/nulusios, 15 years ago

Summary: Hard to move pointer to top edge of screenHard to move pointer to top edge of screen (WM)

comment:2 by SF/nulusios, 15 years ago

Summary: Hard to move pointer to top edge of screen (WM)WINCE: Hard to move pointer to top edge of screen

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comment:5 by SF/knakos, 15 years ago

This is the behavior of the original game.

Adding a keystroke for each possible inconvenience sounds like configuration bloat to me, so I'll just leave it as is.

Note that you can also use keyboard-mouse navigation with the dpad keys to maneuver to spots accurately.

comment:6 by SF/nulusios, 15 years ago

(nice to see you're ok Kostas)

No this is not the behavior of the original game (as I have it). You see to reach the top pixel row on a computer with a mouse, you just move the mouse to the top where it "hits" pixel row 0 (or 1 depending on how each computer translates first row). It cannot go over that. On WM, you poll where the stylus touched (and the sample is not pixel perfect), and try to make the cursor follow (and the stylus could be somewhere else in the meantime).

Sometimes SCUMMVM (if you move the stylus slowly upwards) can "catch" the milisecond where stylus touches row 0 and take the pointer there (and trigger the action that is supposed to happen), some... in fact most... times it doesn't. My device being a 2.8" VGA device makes things harder too (and VGA devices start to be common place at last).

It's not a matter of practicality, it is a matter of unplayability.

Please reconsider and let's discuss a real solution.

comment:7 by SF/knakos, 15 years ago

In the case it's hard to perform this action:

1) Click close enough and press a dpad key to move the pointer to the edge. 2) Switch to free look mode if the mouse click events bother you while trying to hit the top edge. 3) Patches are always welcome, altough I must admit a little sceptically received, about this issue.

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