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SWORD1: Glitching after unplugging floor machine

Reported by: SF/labbott Owned by: hkzlab
Priority: normal Component: Engine: Sword1
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Cc: Game: Broken Sword 1


This is the point in the game where George is in the Hospital with the janitor. Best described in series of steps:

1) Unplug the floor machine 2) Game appears to progress correctly, janitor says "Take that you stupid thing" kicks floor machine 3) The image of both the floor machine and janitor disappear completely at the point where the janitor is supposed to walk over and plug the machine back in 4) George follows and walks to the correct spot. (His behavior is always normal) 5) The image of the janitor reappears when the janitor gets to the right side of the middle barrier. (i.e. where he would have reappeared after walking back from behind the barrier) The floor machine is still not present at this point. 6) The floor machine and janitor go back to normal (sweeping the floor etc.) but I can't click on anything. The cursor is not present anywhere and I can't activate inventory or menu screen to save.

-During this entire time, from steps 1 to 6, I can't activate the cursor to click on anything (i.e. solve the puzzle) or try and save state. -I had previously unplugged the machine and had it work successfully (i.e. not glitch and I could keep playing) at least once before.

English Talkie Version of the Broken Sword 1 Gentoo Linux on x86_64, scummvm version from portage

labbott@godot ~/scumm $ scummvm --version Using configuration file: /home/labbott/.scummvmrc ScummVM 0.11.1 (Jul 31 2008 22:13:04) Features compiled in: Vorbis MP3 ALSA zLib MPEG2

I don't have the ability to take screenshots at the moment, but I can set it up if needed

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SAVEGAME.014 (826 bytes ) - added by SF/labbott 16 years ago.
savegame from Broken Sword 1. George is in the Hospital with the janitor. Unplug the floor machine to see bug.

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savegame from Broken Sword 1. George is in the Hospital with the janitor. Unplug the floor machine to see bug.

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Hi, while i was able to reproduce the bug with your specific savegame, the game worked flawlessly with my savegames made with a newer version of ScummVM. I've tested English PC, Italian PC and English PSX versions, and all worked fine.

Can you retest the bug with current ScummVM version and with a fresh game? Also, to trigger the bug, did you enter/exit the room multiple times or did other specific actions beside those in the original report?

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