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WOODRUFF : Endgame & tobozon (the weird phone) & Savegame

Reported by: SF/matnight04 Owned by: DrMcCoy
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ScummVM version : 0.13.0 (build 2008-07-30) Language : French Version : CD (I don't think there is a floppy version) Platform : Win32 (XP)

I will use the french names given to the objects or persons, I don't know if they are the same in English...

I've encountered mainly graphic bugs in the game : - when I use the "tobozon" (the weird "phone") and use the top and bottom arrows, I get this message in the console : WARNING: Couldn't open video "HAUT" (or "BAS", it depends on the arrow you click). It has no consequence on the game anyway. - at the very end of the game, when you are facing the beast for the first time on the top platform (Woodruff is on the right, the beast on the left) and speak to it, the Schprotznog (the thing to enclose the beast) disappear if it is on the hook (I think that's because the game is launching the video of the dialog and it "covers" the object in a certain way). - just before that, there is a bug which occured only once : when I put the headphones on the "Déconnétable" head (the guy who contains the beast), the beast get out of the body, but then there was a "ghost" Woodruff which appeared on the top platform. - the first time, doing the code of the "fertility bouzouk wiseman" door worked, and I saw the video, but the second time it "crashes"... the video starts but end after 1 second (and ow it still crashes) - there is still some issues like this : WARNING : Video A/V sync broken, skipping x frame(s)! It happens to some videos when Woodruff is bored, but usually it's skipping only between 1 and 5 frames. But once it happened that it skipped 93 frames (I can't remember exactly when, it was in the end, in the "Déconnétable" house) - when you use the "Transportozon" (the thing to help you teleport Woodruff) to go "in front of the factory", you can't see Woodruff's head when he is materializing (it is behind the feet of the middle guys).

I think I've also had some small problems with Savegame : - first of all, the playtime isn't saved (it starts from 0 each time you load a game) - I've also seen many times the yellow bouzouk (Riri) that teaches Woodruff "face control" at the "Drunkman place" : you need to push a button and then the guy appear. I was able to do make him appear more than once. - One of the "Bouzouk power" I had disappeared when I reload the game. I had to re-build it (it appeared when I was at the Pooh-Let Party).

Finally, there are some "shifting" sometimes between objects and the text that appears when you put the mouse on it. I mean the text appears when you're not pointing exactly on the object.

That's all for me ! Good luck :)

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comment:1 by SF/matnight04, 16 years ago

Summary: End of the game & tobozon (the weird phone) & SavegameWOODRUFF : Endgame & tobozon (the weird phone) & Savegame

comment:2 by DrMcCoy, 16 years ago

Please, next time, create one bug report per issue...

> WARNING: Couldn't open video "HAUT" (or "BAS", it depends on the arrow you click)

Yes, and the English version tries to open "UP" and "DOWN", the German "HOCH" und "RUNTER". I still don't know /why/, though...

> there is still some issues like this : WARNING : Video A/V sync broken, skipping x frame(s)!

That means that your computer was too slow to decode the frame and has to skip frames to keep up (which doesn't work for object videos, so it keeps out of sync for these currently, unfortunatly).

About the savegame issues: No idea, the savegames are nearly completely handled by the scripts...

comment:3 by DrMcCoy, 16 years ago

Owner: set to DrMcCoy
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comment:4 by SF/matnight04, 16 years ago

Ok, sorry for that... Bu there would have been many threads !

The skipped frame are only because of my computer ? Well, it explains why sometimes I had some messages, sometimes not... Probably because of the antivirus scanning or sthg like that.

About the savegame : even for the playtime, no idea ?

Thank you very much, you did a very nice job helping ScummVM to support this game ! I really enjoyed re-playing Woodruff :)

comment:5 by sev-, 16 years ago

Yes, Julien, it would be very difficult to process many bugs in a single bugreport. So I highly recommend to submit all of them one by one.

comment:6 by sev-, 15 years ago

Jukien, could you, please, split this bugreport.

comment:7 by sev-, 15 years ago

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