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SQ2: Have to wait after dying to do anything.

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Using Space Quest II Amiga version 2.0F if Roger dies and you dismiss the first text box that appears and let the second text appear you have to wait some time before being able to do anything at all, e.g. restore a game, quit or restart. You can access the menu though but it doesn't do anything. If you have for an example pressed restore in the drop down menu during the waiting period then after the waiting has ended (It takes a little while) then that command will be carried out (i.e. the restore game menu will appear in this particular example).

If you try to e.g. restore the game after Roger has died but the second text hasn't appeared yet you are able to restore the game right away, so the waiting period begins a bit later.

Tried this with 0.11.1, branch-0-12-0 revision 33258, trunk revision 33258 and they all bug in the same way.

Tried the Amiga version 2.0F of Space Quest II under WinUAE and there you can e.g. restore the game without waiting but you have to click the text box away before you are able to do so (The text box does go away without any waiting if you click it though).

As I haven't tried the PC version of Space Quest II recently under ScummVM I can't say if this problem is specific to the Amiga version or not. If someone else could try to reproduce this bug with the PC version or confirm that it doesn't occur with it, that'd be nice.

This bug is mostly just annoying if you die a lot - and in these old Sierra adventures that does happen quite often :-).

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Fixed in SVN in June, r41250. Just forgot to close the report.

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