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SQ2: Walking inside walls at Orbital Station's shuttle bay.

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Priority: low Component: Engine: AGI
Version: Keywords: original
Cc: Game: Space Quest 2


There's a walking problem that occurs in the Orbital Station's shuttle bay (Room 5) near the beginning of the game. After arriving in the room using the pneumatic transport tube, walk straight down, then just a tiny bit to the left and then straight back up. If everything went as planned you should not be transported back to the previous room using the transport tube but you should be a little bit inside the entrance to the transport tube. Then walk straight to the right and you should get to walk *inside* the transport tube itself and continuing to the right you should be able to walk inside the walls too.

This occurs also with the original interpreter (Tried it with WinUAE, Amiga AGI 2.202, Space Quest II version 2.0F). I haven't tested the original PC version of Space Quest II, but I think it extremely likely it'll bug in exactly the same fashion as the Amiga version.

Probably the bounding box that's being checked in room 5's logic code when to trigger the transport tube ride is a bit too small and one can get around it. Also the priority screen lines aren't there to stop one from walking so that's how one can get inside the walls.

So ultimately this would seem to be an oversight in the original game data, not a bug in ScummVM.

P.S. To help in debugging you can get to the Orbital Station's shuttle bay by first entering the debug mode by writing "backstage" and then writing "tp" and "5" to teleport to the room.

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comment:1 by SF/buddha_, 16 years ago

Tested this with the trunk revision 33258 and also with branch-0-12-0 revision 33258 and the bug occurs in both of them.

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