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SQ1 AGI: Save/Load keys (F5/F7) do not work

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ScummVM version: Game: Space Quest 1 EGA (original AGI version 1.0)

The in-game hotkeys for Save and Load (F5/F7) do not function in-game. Pressing F5 provides no response at all, neither does F7. This is not a huge issue, as the same functionality is provided by the Sierra dropdown menus; it does create a small amount of frustration however; especially during one sequence in the game where a lot of saving is mandatory (playing hte slot machine in Ulence Flate to acquire the means to get offplanet).

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comment:1 by SF/johndmes, 16 years ago

Summary: Save/.Load keys Do Not FunctionSQ1 AGI:Save/.Load keys Do Not Function

comment:2 by bluegr, 16 years ago

The version of the game that you mention is a bit confusing. What's "original AGI version 1.0"? How is the game detected by ScummVM (precise string)?

Also, what operating system are you using?

comment:3 by SF/johndmes, 16 years ago

The terminology I used was due to the fact that there are two versions of Space Quest 1 around - the original one that used the AGI interpeter, and a later one with redone graphics. I'm not sure if the later one uses the original AGI interpeter, a revamped version, or the same interpeter used in SQ4 - I don't have that version, so really can't say. The original release used EGA graphics, so used that for a note on what verson of the game I'm running.

My OS is windows XP SP2, pretty much stock.

The identifier in ScummVM says:

"Space Quest 1: The Sarien Encounter (2.2 1987-05-07 5.25"/3.5"/DOS/English)"

The ID is sq1.

comment:4 by SF/johndmes, 16 years ago

Have verified using another interpeter that my game files have the save/load hotkey functionality (it's not the game code I am using; it's something in ScummVM that's preventing the F5 and F7 keys from functioning - used the NAGI interpeter to test.

comment:5 by bluegr, 16 years ago

Yes, there are 2 "main" versions of SQ1: the old EGA version, which uses the AGI engine, and it's the one that ScummVM supports and the newer VGA version, which uses the SCI engine, but it's not supported by ScummVM.

There were several variants of the original EGA version, each one targeted for a different operating system. The latest variants fixed some of the bugs of the older ones and had extra functionality. Some of the older versions did not even have a menu, and the ESC key was used to pause the game. There are about 8 known different variants of SQ1 AGI (check /engines/agi/detection.cpp), that's why I asked how is the game actually detected as. You got the latest variant of the game, released in 1987 (the first version was released about 8 months before that).

The fact that F5/F7 are not working for you for the variant of SQ1 you got is strange, as they are working for me correctly - the only place they're disabled for me is in the intro, right before I enter my name. But they work fine when the game actually starts. Do they work at some places and not others, or do they not work at all? Normally, they should be functional whenever the game's menu actually appears - which is right after you put your name.

When you press F5/F7, does ScummVM print anything in its debug window? (that's the little command-like black window that opens when you launch ScummVM).

comment:6 by fingolfin, 16 years ago

Summary: SQ1 AGI:Save/.Load keys Do Not FunctionSQ1 AGI: Save/Load keys (F5/F7) do not work

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