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SIMON2: MD5s for Macintosh version

Reported by: SF/pwigren Owned by: Kirben
Priority: normal Component: Engine: AGOS
Keywords: detection Cc:
Game: Simon the Sorcerer 2


Today I recieved the Macintosh (MacOS 8/classic) version of Simon the Sorcerer II. It works (at least it starts, I haven't had time to actually play it yet) but it is detected as the Windows version.

Here is a list of the first 5000 bytes of all files that are used according to the datafiles page on the wiki:

md5 of first 5000 bytes size filename

608e277904d87dd28725fa08eacc2c0d 58652 gsptr30
72096a62d36e6034ea9fecc13b2dbdab 18089 Icon.dat
1cd7bbd0c8795f3146abd92a9bf6b5f5 236267 simon2.dic
09339a35278895bb4690b8f161aa0ed4 190433 simon2.english
91759f34c4b467aac2cd52e9e77fd0f2 217805 simon2.french
011bb9cb526bf30a11f3b1fd3b6682fe 213383 simon2.german
e749c4c103d7e7d51b34620ed76c5a04 20046789 Simon2.gme
1b8505709501a2daa451d08be60cf32b 199568 simon2.italian
e229f84d46fa83f99b4a7115679f3fb6 171 stripped.txt
2082f8d02075e590300478853a91ffd9 513 tbllist
38f4bd68732df01c1be1752a42ba89ab 71982 voices/voices.idx
afcbdeae34a4aba02f803e430c7d17d2 4051562 voices/voices1.dat
b3db3373cb69c0732ba99a9cc1c624de 4086030 voices/voices10.dat
8e4f698adaeb9e8ca3271b82688a9729 4066406 voices/voices11.dat
eb6188e8dfa22f10e5ff27206ec538b5 4056860 voices/voices12.dat
25ec429135fc32aea547ead4fffa224d 4108026 voices/voices13.dat
58229af3633d85f6762a6b4d3be2ff12 4068162 voices/voices14.dat
a31f07d980c8dbbfa6c93007f17257c3 4152414 voices/voices15.dat
9d9577915021bef89b7920fb6e400ad1 4100208 voices/voices16.dat
b46766059d198e21376f610fdb691b17 4082746 voices/voices17.dat
ac597d8cace732993e6c3bb673099b47 4053194 voices/voices18.dat
59dbd21c9df55a14de37a29056001fc6 4088292 voices/voices19.dat
8583723d985361daa349137fff115554 4063950 voices/voices2.dat
af806c5acc365a6d82c1572504122870 4110304 voices/voices20.dat
950b59b6cc844ab96351ea912977496b 4056714 voices/voices21.dat
990283c25e0198f2f9ca03b1f4aeb4e3 4106952 voices/voices22.dat
113d82a017b7bb1ed2feba5408df4677 4130746 voices/voices23.dat
a52b7fcdec6bc58589f67ba24f8f22f5 4054450 voices/voices24.dat
9a6b76501a556e1ab4f9c23e7344402a 4075874 voices/voices25.dat
8fefb25f324930c39e0b0f1c37976841 4091444 voices/voices26.dat
ad09ca4568b4d55f9c710cb28c5c087d 4099356 voices/voices27.dat
ff25b2ddeb8c05fc2fe46e38a1ca34ad 4074064 voices/voices28.dat
47594df5b67e6735d1875984a941122f 4051810 voices/voices29.dat
9f5b206cda21807ce10f000ad2f2a398 4051168 voices/voices3.dat
4e79061a6363f03f079af44dc43f38fa 4054426 voices/voices30.dat
ce4fa8d3b757e7b49d03e71f45396704 4067172 voices/voices31.dat
ffc6c23c5117e41ad82734347aff7987 4075520 voices/voices32.dat
fd4611be9f63414d21985a3cb3873a74 4109194 voices/voices33.dat
7e3b42d0f955f79ec49e8bae033b4cb3 4055232 voices/voices34.dat
bd9b3f94da9c0b5e323473813592776d 4123570 voices/voices35.dat
fda57966a537e8642d06b4d153b92eed 4065984 voices/voices36.dat
9f298d0e81f5f86e03151ca97833adc7 4077254 voices/voices37.dat
3033b8f484cac14dfbe70e2a1b7abf9c 3000318 voices/voices38.dat
7c023dea1e91b020068f17f25abffaa4 4164562 voices/voices4.dat
a0ef61553f8a2935f41f3d997caad082 4133398 voices/voices5.dat
8245569ea2438175d6ddb96d9f80e0be 4050514 voices/voices6.dat
1eaaec8082d3aa8c29547c89d217ed2c 4066220 voices/voices7.dat
ffdd6ca3f7020759a09c1183df14e688 4050534 voices/voices8.dat
3d07ae6f0e91e8238da1202afc88fa8d 4068822 voices/voices9.dat

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comment:1 by SF/pwigren, 12 years ago

BTW, the CD also has directory called "midi" with 32 .mid files... it seems they contain the in-game music... Are they used?

comment:2 by Kirben, 12 years ago

Owner: set to Kirben
Resolution: wontfix
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comment:3 by Kirben, 12 years ago

The Amiga and Macintosh versions of Simon the Sorcerer 2, re-used the data files of the older Windows version of Simon the Sorcerer 2. The only differences are the addition of dictionary files, and the speech file been split into multiple files.

It isn't any way to tell the difference between the Amiga, Macintosh and Windows versions of Simon the Sorcerer 2, as the dictionary files can easily be added to Windows version and speech can be compressed.

The extra MIDI files sound like a bonus, as the game uses many more music tracks.

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